Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to the Year of the Snake

Surprise! It's me. I've been meaning to write several old posts for January, but that would be too much of a commitment, so I decided that the Chinese New Year would be a great opportunity to break my long hiatus and start regular blogging again. I suppose I could go back and write about events in January, such as Obama's Second Inauguration (I thought his speech was far better than his disappointing first Inaugural speech in 2009), but I am deciding that my blog for 2013 begins now. January will just have to be the missing "hiatus" month.

For 2013, I am keeping with my tradition of the past few years of giving a theme to my year as well as a theme song to my year. This year's theme is a rather simple: "Lucky 2013." I will focus on good luck this year. My year of good luck. As a kid, I used to fear the number 13. I suppose a certain hockey mask wearing psycho on the Silver Screen had something to do with it. I remember being afraid of turning 13. But once I turned 14, I realized that I had a great 13th year, so that number no longer carries any stigma with me (I'm actually disappointed that buildings don't have an official 13th floor, even though floor 14 is in reality the 13th floor). Anyhow, I will be playing with the idea of luck and examining it and thinking about it. In consistency with that theme, I have chosen the song "Lucky" by Greg Kihn to be my theme song this year. I love this song from the 1980s. Other songs under consideration were "Wishing I Was Lucky" by Wet Wet Wet and "I Should Be So Lucky" by Kylie Minogue. However, I found that those were too wishful and according to the principles of the Universal Law of Attraction, I need to be more in the mindset of thinking that the things I am hoping for this year have already come to past. Greg Kihn's song was the perfect choice because of its upbeat melody and the positive lyrics.

Every year, I like to try something new. Last year, it was flotation tanks. I did it twice (including on my birthday weekend). This year, I decided to try an experiment by living my life according to my astrological chart. In January, I went to a session given by an astrologer who explained the basic mechanics of this "New Agey" belief system that gets much ridicule in the general public and among science types and logic / left brained folks. I'm not convinced that there is anything to astrology, but after hearing the astrologer give good and easy-to-comprehend background on the basics of reading a chart and how to plan one's year, I decided to give it a try. My biggest problem has been timing and I need a good system of timing for myself. I feel like I wasted the last two years. In 2011, my focus was finding the love of my life that will lead to marriage. I struck out badly that year. In 2012, my focus was on finding a living wage career in government or college. I did have 4 interviews last year, which I believe is a personal record for most interviews in a single year since I moved to Portland in 2006. Something is improving! However, in the past, while it has been difficult landing an interview, I had a great track record of being hired from those interviews. This didn't happen for my last year, so now I enter 2013 wanting both a living wage career and a lady love by year's end. Thus, 2013 is my lucky year. It will happen this year.

January was a busy month for me, as well, in my search for a new place to live. Unfortunately, I have met freaks or had to deal with flakes. I don't know why it was easier to find a room to rent when I was not happy about giving up my studio apartment in 2010 (the apartment complex would not allow month to month so I decided to vacate, a decision that I have come to regret), but now that I am desperate to move, I have run into brick walls. I have no idea why people are so flaky. My God, it does not hurt to meet people...especially if you keep running your ad for housemates every day for weeks on end! Anyhow, according to one astrological book I read, I need to make the move in March, so I am not wasting a day in February thinking about it. Besides, this is the month of the Portland International Film Festival, which is far and away my favorite Portland tradition. I have tickets to see six films (narrowed down from my list of 18 films that I wanted to see out of the 135 films being shown), but I may splurge for two more. I love getting the booklet and reading through the descriptions of the films and making a list and then narrowing it down to what I can afford. My preferences on subject matter tend to be: anything dealing with life under totalitarian governments, communism, or Nazism / fascism goes to the top of my list. Any film from France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand gets first consideration. And finally, any film that is set in a location that I'm curious about or want to see, I will go to that film. Among this year's offering is a film from North Korea and another one from Taiwan. Since I'm very curious about those two places, those films went to the top of my list.

Also this month, I have decided to see a counselor to help with my career search and lady search. Saturday was our first official session (the week before that was our intro session to see if we were a right fit). Interestingly, the counselor asked why I needed to see her because she thinks I'm smart and don't need help. I informed her that 12 years of my life went by without my accomplishing one of my three major goals. I need to do something drastic because I feel like I'm losing momentum in life. She offers a very affordable rate that I did not think was possible. Had I known it was this inexpensive, I would have gotten counseling in 2009 when I needed it the most. What I hope to get out of it is some kind of momentum. I didn't make any three or six month commitment. I'd play it by ear. It's just nice to talk to someone who really listens and offers suggestions.

Since I never did my "Best of 2012" list, that will be in Friday's post. I'll include my choice for 2012's Nonconformist of the Year since I never made that known on my blog last December. I also never got around to writing movie reviews for "Lincoln", "Skyfall", "Zero Dark Thirty", "Life of Pi", and "Silver Linings Playbook", so look for that this month, as well. If I really want to play catch up, though, I should probably write my album reviews of Bruce Springsteen's and Madonna's 2012 releases.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Happy Year of the Snake, Have a great Mardi Gras, and here's to a great year of blogging (I will be continuing my series of analyzing personal ads).


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Just don't move between Feb 23 and March 17, when Mercury is retrograde. You'll regret it. Unless, of course, you don't mind revisiting the terms of your rental agreement or moving again. Happy year of the snake, sansego.

Sansego said...

That might be unavoidable, though. We'll see.