Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Video Monday: Fun

For this week's music video, I chose the song "Some Nights" by a group called Fun, which I had never heard of until last week. In fact, I learned that this song was released in June and I only learned about it last week at work when I was doing research on a Patsy Cline song ("One Day At a Time"). A strange thing happened. I was trying to find info that Patsy Cline had actually recorded the song "One Day At a Time" for my job. Interesting enough, this song was considered my grandparents' song. At my grandmother's funeral, grandpa wanted this song to be played during the memorial service. I had never heard it before. I could not find evidence that Patsy Cline sang it, either. But when I was on a website researching it, a box appeared on the screen that played a clip of "Some Nights" and I was taken by the melody and had to find out what it was. This song scores a perfect 10 in my book. I love the melody changes, the pounding drums, and the rhythms that sound like some African tribal beat. The Civil War themed music video is interesting, as well.

I'm truly glad that I learned about this song from complete serendipitous luck. I haven't listened to a music station on the radio in two years, so I have no idea what might be current unless I hear it by other means. I love it when a piece of music finds me, the way "Some Nights" managed to, just like "A Better Man" was able to in 2000. It reminds me of the magical nature of our universe.

Hope you enjoy!

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