Monday, August 06, 2012

Music Video Monday: Britney Spears

This week's music video is inspired by last night's Mars lander, known as CURIOSITY, which safely touched down on the surface of Mars to explore the planet for the next several years. Before the advent of space craft, humans believed that Mars might have had living beings, hence the term "Martian." If humanity ever hopes to go beyond our solar system, where space travel is reality instead of "science fiction" a manned mission to Mars has to be the goal we worked towards, regardless of the cost. When Newt Gingrich proposed such ideas as colonizing the Moon or Mars, he got made fun of, but I actually think he is correct on that (though I would not call it "colonizing", since that term has negative history attached to it). That's one of the few things that I agree with Newt on.

While watching the Olympic coverage, I had Facebook open and a friend of mine from high school wrote that he couldn't understand why the media didn't make a bigger deal about this because this event is H U G E! He blamed the Olympics, but come on...the Olympics are on. Why would NASA plan a landing to happen right during the Olympics? They could've waited a couple land Curiosity right in the middle of the Republican National Convention! It was nice, however, to see Paul passionate about something and writing his opinions about the Mars mission on Facebook. I got to know a new side to him and I liked it. I agree that the Mars lander is a big deal, and it is obvious that the media does not have the kind of wide eyed interest in it as they did with the space program in the 1960s and early 1970s. The landing story will have a nice blip in media coverage for 24 hours before its back to the Olympics.

Hearing about the successful landing only made me think of this awesome music video from Britney Spears, which came out in the summer of 2000. I loved it from the start. How could I not? Britney dressed up like Barbarella (my favorite look in a lady. It's completely "sexy") and wearing a tight, body-fitting red suit. I loved the spoken interludes in the beginning and near the end of the song, especially when the astronaut says, "Oh, it's cute alright!" and when Britney does her irresistible flirtatious bit, "aw, you shouldn't have!" That would be completely awesome if Curiosity actually found a Britney-Barbarella rocking out on the red planet.

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