Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bain of Romney's Existence

Rush Limbaugh is either stupid or he's desperately trying to connect pop culture to politics for the purposes of spreading his propagandistic bullshit. The latest involves a villain from the Batman comic books, known as Bane. From what I read, Bane was introduced in the Batman comic books sometime in the early 1990s. I stopped buying comic books in 1991, when I joined the Navy. I bought and read mostly the three or four Spider-man titles and the three or four Batman titles. Those two were my favorite comic book heroes (interesting that the summer of 2012 gave movie goers a new Amazing Spider-man movie and the conclusion to the best Batman series). So, I missed Bane's introduction and development in the comic books.

My first introduction to the Bane character was in 1997's Batman and Robin movie (which I actually liked when I first saw it and still like after recently watching it earlier this summer). I thought Bane came across as a retard. All brawn, no brains. That's no kind of villain. Instead, he served as Poison Ivy's henchman. He did the heavy lifting while she concocted the schemes. In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane appears as one of the most menacing villains to ever terrify the screen. His scary looking mask, hulking body, and deep voice is enough to scare me out of my seat. He was so terrifying that even Selena Kyle couldn't hide the fear in her eyes when she tried to leave Gotham City.

So Rush in his strange way of trying to connect liberal conspiracies, claimed that the new Batman film is a liberal plot to go after Mitt Romney. He seems to think that movie goers will be affected subliminally by connecting the terror of the Bane villain in the film with the villainy of Bain Capital Investments that was the creation of Mitt Romney. Let's get real, though. When Bane appeared in the comic books, no one knew about Bain Capital Investments nor about Mitt Romney. Who knew that he would run for president some day?

Romney gained national attention when he was brought in to head the Salt Lake Olympic Committee after the bribery scandal made the international news. He was able to clean up the image and restore confidence in the committee and in the Winter Olympics that were held in Salt Lake City in 2002. Then, he moved back to Massachusetts to run for governor, where he served from January 2003 until January 2007. In January 2007, he launched his bid to run for president and he hasn't stopped.

The reason why Bain Capital Industries has come under scrutiny is because Romney has pushed his executive experience as the reason why he would make a great president. He claims that his experience as the CEO of Bain Capital Industries and as governor of Massachusetts will help him make decisions as Commander-in-Chief, especially in turning our economy around. And yet, Bain got its wealth by buying companies and cannibalizing it by selling off the assets in a piece by piece manner. This makes Romney the real life equivalent of the character played by Richard Gere in 1990s hit film Pretty Woman (hey Rush...check into that conspiracy! Hollywood knew in 1990). In the movie, however, a Hollywood hooker manages to humanize the corporate capitalist raider, to the point where he decides to build ships with the new company he bought, rather than tear it apart. If only Ann Romney could have served the same role for Mitt.

Romney's tenure at Bain Capital Industries, though, makes him unsuitable for the presidency. I believe Romney understands this, which is why he has been backtracking. He claims to have "retroactively retired" to 1998, even though he signed documents that were filed with the government, indicating that he was the CEO and primary stockholder of Bain Capital Industries through 2002. If he lied to the Security and Exchange Commission, there's only one place Romney deserves to go and it's not the White House. More like The Big House (Sing-Sing Prison, anyone?). What could have happened between 1998 and 2002 that Romney does not want to take responsibility for? Well, that's the period of time when Bain bankrupted companies and shipped jobs overseas. This means that under Romney's leadership, he was a job EXPORTER. He did not create jobs in America for Americans. He essentially put Americans out of work and dependent on government for unemployment insurance and food stamps. In my opinion, this deceit should automatically disqualify Mitt Romney from the presidency. That he could be so blatant in his lies and expect to lead the country? How can we trust him with the lives of our troops and with our tax monies if he is willing to lie and disown his record as CEO of Bain Capital Industries?

Rush may be stretching to connect the two Banes / Bains, but I know one thing is for certain: The Bane terrorist in the new Batman film pales in comparison to the real terror that Bain Capital Industries has wrought on the lives of real Americans with careers and a pension fund. What Romney managed to do with Bain should scare every American who cares about our country. Romney will do to us what he did to all those companies that Bain bought and bankrupted for profit. America can't afford this kind of "vulture capitalism". This makes Romney an even worse candidate for president than George W. Bush (whose leadership of three companies led to bankruptcy).

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