Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Born on the Third of July

Tom Cruise turns 50 years old today. The big half-century milestone birthday. Amazing that Katie Holmes did not want to stick around for that big event. She just had to bolt, while her unsuspecting husband was in Iceland. As more information has come out, apparently, the biggest issue for Katie was that Tom wanted their 5 year old daughter to serve aboard Sea Org, which is a large ship owned and operated by Scientology, where crew members are virtual slaves who are paid low wages and work long hours, are not allowed to leave, and have to sign billion year contracts! Sending little Suri to Sea Org is effectively a boarding school where she will have little or no contact with her parents and will be indoctrinated in Scientology propaganda. Yikes! No wonder why Katie bolted. What parent would do such a thing to their own child? What a fool Tom is to threaten the permanent separation between a mother and her daughter. And good for Katie to finally see that she is married to a man who loves Scientology more than he loves her or their daughter.

In the above video, the American public saw a side of Cruise that had never been shown before. Cruise has always been a well-disciplined actor who controls his image. He has never acted like a giddy school boy who lost his virginity to the supermodel of his dreams before. That's how his behaviour comes across. He keeps jumping up and down, pumping his fists, and even more erratic, jumping up on Oprah's couch a couple times (that's considered bad manners, actually). Oprah kept asking him, "What's gotten into you?" He has never acted this way while he was married to Nicole Kidman. What was it about Katie that reduced him to immature school boy in love for the first time?

Though it was not known at the time, according to the timeline of events, Tom had learned that Katie was pregnant. It makes more sense that Tom would be excited about being a biological father for the first time. This was likely his dream and for whatever reason, he was only able to adopt children with Nicole. To have one's own offspring is a big deal. A couple gets to experience the development of life from the embryo-and-sperm to a fetus and into a baby, with a mix of both parents' DNA. What traits does the child inherit from the mother and which from the father? Katie's secret pregnancy makes sense as to why Tom Cruise would behave this way.

What a chump, though, to want to send his own daughter to be brainwashed by his cult, separating the mother from her daughter. All he did was push them away. I hope the court of New York does side with Katie Holmes and awards full custody of Suri to Katie Holmes. I even think, considering Cruise's devotion to Scientology, that he should not be allowed un-supervised visitation rights. Is a kidnapping a la Patty Hearst or Baby Lindbergh in Suri's future? Since she is the only known offspring of Tom Cruise, and with minders from the cult watching Katie's every move since she left, Katie's trials are only just beginning. Leaving Tom before his 50th birthday was a great way to send a message to him. Hopefully, he will wake up some day and realize how his devotion to Scientology has ruined his relationships with other people. Authentic spirituality is not supposed to divide people, but to bring people together. There is little that is authentic in the cult that masquerades as a religion. It's high time for people to declare war on this destructive organization.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Did you hear about the odd synchro number connected to Cruise? Every wife has either left him or he has left her around birthday 33.

Sansego said...

I did not know that until you pointed it out in the previous post about the divorce. I checked the birth dates and divorce dates of all three Mrs. Cruises and was surprised that it's true. Wow. 33. Maybe for wife # 4, he should marry someone who is above age 34! :)