Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Final Facebook Debate With Anti-Government Aaron

On 20 July, I managed to get anti-government Aaron to leave the church's Facebook page because he could not tolerate having his views challenge. He had posted on the church's Facebook page a picture of Kurt Cobain with the quote (as seen above, though a different photo). The quote is: "I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes." This is one of Kurt Cobain's most famous quotes. Some people did ask Aaron why he posted it on the church's Facebook page since it had nothing to do with our church. Aaron claims that it does.

I was one who went hard in my criticism. I mentioned that Cobain had substance abuse, a dysfunctional marriage with Courtney Love, and even though they had a daughter together, he took his own life at age 27, leaving his very young daughter to grow up without a father. Nothing from his life is an example worth following nor does his values represent anything what the Community of Christ is about. When I pointed all this out, Aaron got defensive and said that he posted it because of the quote. He also accused me of being overly critical of everyone except myself (not true. It might only feel that way to Aaron because he is my nemesis).

I think posted a sarcastic comment along the lines of: "Yeah, wishing to be something you're not just so you can make people you don't like get angry is what our church teaches. Not!" Cobain's quote is stupid when you think about it. Why wish to be something you're not just to cause a reaction in someone else? No one should base their lives on how someone else might react. Just be who you are and not worry about someone else.

Here are the last few comments made, including by a lady who can't tolerate disagreements among people. And let me tell you, it is always women who get offended by the tone of arguments and leave. They don't seem to understand that men can and do have these kind of conversations with each other and it doesn't really affect our psyche very much. In fact, awhile ago, someone on Facebook posted an interesting meme that I find true: "Men say mean things to each other but don't mean it while women say nice things to each other but don't mean it."

In Aaron's final comment, he proved once and for all exactly why he gets banned from many online webboards. He always claims an innocence, but his casual use of the f-bomb is a big clue. Also, he always claims to argue only using facts and logic. He claims never to resort to ad hominem attacks. Of course, I always knew that he was a liar engaging in self-deceit. If it took a debate about Kurt Cobain to get rid of him, well good! Good riddance, anti-government Aaron. I hope the FBI come after you for all your anti-government rants and delusional views.

I don't know what Aaron's point was in posting about Kurt Cobain on here. Cobain is no great example of how to live one's life.

Nicholas, did you click on the link?

I posted it because of what the picture said. I couldn't care less who it was that said it. I think it is worth sharing. If you don't think it has anything to do with the Community of Christ, then quit bumping it back to the top of the page.

"Cobain is no great example of how to live one's life." [quoting what I had written]

If I ever notice myself becoming more like you, Nicholas, I'll kill myself too.

I really think its time for me to make my exit from this group. Seems that people here really can't have a civil discussion without jumping on the others throat. This is not for me! Thanks for the memories people...its been real! Bye-bye..Those that love to jump on each others throats deserves each other!

What a judgmental little fuck face you are, Nicholas. Go back to your hole and finish jacking off at a medium pace with a shampoo bottle up your ass

Fuck religion. I'm out, too.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good grief! What is wrong with these people?

Sansego said...

I realize that I sometimes push too hard in debate, but the guy is a complete snot. He needs to spend a year in a developing world country to get a clue. If he does, he'll come back a completely new person.

It is interesting that he seems to idolize Kurt Cobain, to the point of defending the undefendable. I shouldn't be surprised that a selfish person like Aaron admires a selfish star like Kurt Cobain. Two of a kind.