Friday, June 22, 2012

Personal Ad as Questionnaire

The following is a personal ad that I thought was creative and unique. I did not respond to this one, but have decided to answer her questions on my blog. The actual ad's wording will be in bold print and my response will be in regular print, so I don't have to repeat the questions or the reader has to scroll up and down to see what the question is for each of my answers.

I love questionnaires. In fact, when my best friend Nicholas and I wrote letters to one another, he sometimes had a "Question Query" which I loved answering. Nowadays, who has time to write letters? We have email, Facebook, blogs and cell phones. However, it is nice to see a personal ad that utilizes this interesting way to get to know someone. If any of my readers want to know anything about me, please feel free to email me a questionnaire and it might appear on a future blog post.

Nine questions

Date: 2012-06-20, 10:01PM

1. Would you rather visit an art museum or a science museum? Art museum. Science bores me.

2. Can people genuinely be "just friends" with an ex? Yes. It's a sign of maturity or spiritual evolution. If you like people, why not? Recognizing that a romantic love is not possible does not mean two former lovers cannot remain as friends.

3. Your best friend was involved in a hit-and-run. Do you cover for him/her? As much as I consider myself a loyal friend and willing to do anything for those who are in my "first tier" of friendship, from a spiritual standpoint, I would tell my best friend to do the honorable thing and fess up. There's no escaping the karmic implications of a hit and run.

4. When someone sneezes, what are you most likely to say? Usually nothing because I always get embarrassed when someone acknowledges my sneezes and wish people would not say anything. However, sometimes, I'll say "gesundheit" because I think it sounds cool.

5. If a cashier gave you too much change, would you return it? What if you didn't discover the mistake until you were out of the store? It has happened and I have. If I discover the mistake after I was out of the store, it would depend on how much and how far away from the store that I made the discover. Anything under a quarter, I probably wouldn't bother. A dollar or more and I would definitely go back to the store no matter the distance.

6. You are taking a class. What are you learning? Psychology.

7. You are teaching a class. What do you teach? How to recognize propaganda, manipulative advertising, dishonesty, hypocrisy, and cult tactics so you can be empowered instead of manipulated into doing things against your own best interest.

8. You have one of these things in your hand. Which and why? Beer/wine/joint/cigarette/cigar. A book because I don't drink beer; wine makes my allergies go bezerk; I don't smoke at all. I'm into books though and try to read as much as I can.

9. What questions do you have for me? Would you rather live in Oregon forever without being allowed to leave the state or to live in a foreign country forever and never be allowed to set foot in the United States ever again?

You're right. That's technically more than nine. Let's just pretend you didn't notice that.

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