Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Video Monday: T-Shirt

This week's music video is by a group you probably never heard of: T-Shirt. It's a rather unfortunate name, I think, which guaranteed that the group would not find sustained success. I think it's a stupid name for a music group. The only reason I heard of them is because their remake of a 1970s hit "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate (another stupid name for a music group) was featured in the Australian movie: My Myself I, which is a great "body switching" movie. It's about a woman who finds herself still single on her 30th birthday (or was it her 40th?) and thinking about how her life might've been if she had married her high school (or was it college?) sweetheart. Through some movie magic, she meets up with her alternate self who did marry that guy and had three children. The two swap lives. It's the female version of The Family Man, starring Nicolas Cage and Tea Leoni (would make a great double feature watching those two movies).

Anyhow, I loved T-Shirt's version of "You Sexy Thing." In fact, I think it sounds even better than the original version. The song sounds exactly like how the Spice Girls would sing such a remake. In fact, I bet that T-Shirt was the Australian rip-off of the Spice Girls. However, it did not occur to me to look for the music video on YouTube until recently. I was impressed by what I saw. I love the darker-haired lady. Ah, a woman with an Aussie accent who looks as cute as she does? I'd love to meet a lady like that! The video is a take on Charlie's Angels. Since this song didn't play on American radio, so far as I know, I'm guessing that the song was circa late-1990s or possibly early 2000s. I logically deduce that it came out after the Spice Girls because the style of the song is so obviously a Spice Girls imitation. But, T-Shirt was not destined for the short-lived success of the Spice Girls. They probably are a one hit wonder down under. Perhaps if they had used a better name for themselves, they might've found more success. But I appreciate their awesomely upbeat remake. They show how you can remake a popular song and make it sound fresh.

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