Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More Fun With Personal Ads

a strong man - 40 (se portland)

Date: 2012-06-03, 1:14AM PDT

I seek a man who is not afraid to take the lead in the relationship. A man who isnt afraid to be a man. Sure my hope is you wont scratch,pee or spit in public. My hope is you want someone special in your life. Someone who you think about all day and cant wait till you see her after work. Someone who doesnt care that you watch sports. go out with the guys. as long as you come home to her at night.....are you out there? I sure hope so!

Here's another personal ad that made me laugh. The woman is seeking a man who "isn't afraid to be a man", but she hopes this does not include the coarser aspects of manhood: scratching, peeing or spitting in public. Okay!

She wants a man who wants someone special in his life. She wants to be on the guy's mind all day and make him eager to come home after work. Yet, she also doesn't care if he watches sports or hangs out with the guys.

Yeah, right. I have a hard time buying that. What's the point of a relationship? If she finds the sports fanatic, who watches game after game after game all weekend long, every weekend with his buddies, is she really going to be happy about that?

What this ad tells me is that she's hung up on stereotypes about what a man is. In her mind, a "real man" watches sports. She probably wouldn't go for the intellectual type or a guy who doesn't follow sports. What kind of relationship does she really want? The ad is nonsensical because it sounds like she wants the typical "guy's guy" who is way into sports and beer and hanging out with his buddies (probably the kind of guy who would say to her: "Where's my beer, bitch?"). That doesn't leave a lot of room for her.

This ad amuses me because I'm not into sports and neither are most of my friends, most of whom are married. I can watch an occasional game (particularly the big ones: Superbowl, Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, and World Cup soccer), but the idea of watching game after game, or channel switching between various games every single weekend is boring and pointless. In my social circle, none of my male friends are the stereotypical "real man" that this woman seems to have a fixation on. If she dropped her gender stereotypes and got to know a wider range of males, she might find her soulmate in a guy who does not watch sports often and actually wants a real relationship with her. One of my best friends is a major babe magnet and has no problem attracting women, even after his marriage. He doesn't follow sports, but no one has ever questioned his manhood. It's sad that some women think that a "real man" has to embody such a sad and boring stereotype. Would she like it if a man she was attracted to only wanted a woman who was barefoot and in the kitchen all day cooking his meals?

Well...good luck finding happiness as a sports widow!


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Go see Prometheus and do a review.

Sansego said...

I'm actually not sure I want to see that movie. I've never seen any of the "Alien" movies...mostly because I don't like "gross alien" movies. I'd see this one if there are no alien creatures in it.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Sigourney Weaver's performance alone is worth the cost of the movie. Ridley is one of the most innovative directors around these days. I suspect, Sansego, that there's a novel lurking in these ads, and that you're the guy who writes it.