Wednesday, May 02, 2012

More Republican Hypocrisy

Another day, another manufactured outrage from the Fox Propaganda Network and its echo chamber on the radio dial and in the halls of Congress. This time, its about a political ad released by the Obama campaign in which former President Clinton praised President Obama for his handling of the operation to get Bin Laden in last year's raid in Pakistan. As is usually the case with the rightwing, they cried foul for a president using an event for partisan political purposes! Even more galling, Mitt Romney is on record as saying in the 2007-2008 election cycle that it is not worth spending millions of dollars to go after one man. So, put him down for "no", he would not have given the order to take out Bin Laden. Score for Obama, who said in that election cycle that if he had information that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, he wouldn't hesitate to give the order.

But hearing the rightwing echo chamber complain about President Obama's campaign commercial that highlights one of the biggest accomplishments of his administration just strikes a hypocritical chord. After all, this comes from the very political party that gave us this on May 1st, 2003:

So, you really want to go there? No one has exploited 9/11 and the collapse of governments in Afghanistan and Iraq as much as Bush and the Republican Party! They rammed it down our collective throats in the 2004 election. Fox News reporters (male and female alike) gushed about Bush's supposed manhood when he strutted on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln in his flight suit, which emphasized his crotch. He basically got the world's biggest blowjob from a news organization that pretends to be "fair and balanced."

I have a long memory and I will never forget the gloating by rightwingers about Bush's "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq (it was declared after Saddam's regime collapsed, but long before Saddam was ever captured or thousands of American deaths in the years to come). As the war raged on and this publicity stunt became an embarrassment, the Bush Administration blamed the U.S. Navy for putting up the "Mission Accomplished" banner. When I heard that lame excuse, I knew it was a lie because the Navy would never do something like that without direction from the White House. The Bush Administration basically used a Navy warship for propaganda purposes. Other pertinent details about that include the fact that the Lincoln had been deployed for 9 or 10 months, which was far longer than the standard 6 month deployment that ships undergo. They were off the coast of San Diego, so Bush's flight from the Naval Air Station in San Diego to the ship was a short one. Also, the event only took place when the ship was in a certain direction so that the glowing sun would look good on Bush, as well as the skyline of San Diego could not be seen in the shot during Bush's landing and speech on the flight deck. It was pure theatrics and was intended to be used in the 2004 campaign commercials (but because of the ongoing deaths in Iraq of American soldiers, it became an embarrassment because of the "Mission Accomplished" banner).

So, what's going on here? Isn't it obvious? The Republican Party is jealous. They can't admit that President Obama has been a successful foreign policy president. His decision in Libya proved to be the right one and it went exactly the way the Bush Administration had claimed that our invasion of Iraq would go. Bush slept on 9/11 (metaphorically, of course. In reality, he was reading "My Pet Goat" to elementary school kids in Florida) and said that he didn't care if Bin Laden was ever brought to justice or eliminated. Besides, Bin Laden served as an effective boogeyman to frighten ignorant Americans into voting against their own economic self interest one more time. It worked in 2004 and we ended up with four more years of one disaster after another.

Pundits complaining about Obama "spiking the football" after a touchdown really need to look in the mirror. Don't they remember the in your face gloating by the Bush Administration? Don't they remember Bush's flight to the USS Abraham Lincoln to claim victory? As someone said on one of the talk shows, if Obama spiked the football after a touchdown, Bush played a showboat before the game even began!!

The more Republicans gripe about Obama, the more they reveal themselves to be out of touch hypocrites. This is why it is important to have a good memory, because these people are counting on America's short term memory in order to trick people again into voting against their own economic self interest. I do not like dishonesty and phony outrage, especially by people who have done exactly what they accuse someone else does. This is classic "projection" and one more reason why the Republican Party deserves to be out of power for the next twenty-five years until they prove themselves free of destructive ideologues.

It is amusing, though, that having a black president who has been successful in foreign policy so far get under these people's skin. But the fault is with them. After all, who were the people who went to Austin, Texas in 1998 begging some son of a former president, who has a very thin resume and a track record of failing in everything he tried (including bankrupting two companies he was CEO of), to run for President in 2000? They went with an incompetent idiot and his presidency left the country in ruins. If you don't want to get jealous that there's a competent, intelligent, and successful Democratic president in the White House, then by all means, pick the very best among your party's elected officials to be your nominee and let's see what happens. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney is not that guy. Better luck in 2016, assholes!

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