Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Dream Home Library

Someone on Facebook posted this photo and when I saw it, my soul immediately sighed. This is the kind of home library that I would love to have someday. Just looking at it fills me with peace. My dream is to have a nice cozy home someday and one room would have to be a library, with a complete wall of shelves from floor to ceiling. The idea of a two story library, like this one, is awesome, too. The quote is nice. Cicero was a smart Roman and it still resonates today.

I just thought I'd post this on my blog as a kind of "vision board" wish list to hopefully manifest into reality someday soon (before age 50!). Its nice to dream about, but there are other things I need to work on manifesting into my experience first. But when I do have my own home someday with a library room, I will be calling it The Jack Kerouac Library. The categories of books that I own include: Jack Kerouac / Beat Generation, Politics, Spirituality, Christianity, Literary Fiction, Biographies, Psychology, and writing reference. It would be nice to see all my books lined up on shelves, instead of stored in boxes and some on scattered bookshelves in someone else's home.

Here's to manifesting this long-held dream of mine.

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