Wednesday, April 04, 2012

NBC Punk'd Palin

Yesterday, has-been grifter Sarah Palin played guest-host on NBC's The Today Show in a bit of counter-programming, with former Today co-host Katie Couric guest hosting on ABC's Good Morning, America. While I keep wondering why the media finds this woman relevant (seriously, if she was plain-looking, would she have ever become famous?), there is always the inherent human curiosity factor when it comes to train-wrecks and disasters. As far as walking disasters go, Palin is a lot more amusing (and easier on the eyes) than George W. Bush.

I watched clips of the entire performance on YouTube. I have to admit that Palin showed her likable, comedic side when she began her segment by sitting on a couch reading newspapers with magazines and newspapers on either side of her. This was an obvious site gag to the devastating non-response she gave when Couric had asked her what newspapers and magazines she read to keep informed (Palin's response was something like: "any and all of them."). She also shared a joke about being mistaken for Tina Fey when she showed up at 30 Rockefeller Center that morning (as Jon Stewart said on his show, "Yeah, didn't happen!").

In one segment, Palin got to observe and chat with Tori Spelling (four months pregnant who also has a 5 month old baby at home), who was hawking her book, Celeba-Tori (a vanity book filled with ideas for hosting "the perfect party." I am so getting this for my sister's birthday in May. As a joke. My sister does not like Tori Spelling. Neither does my mother). There was another segment where women discussed raising teenage daughters. Then another one featuring Starr Jones, Donnie Deutsch, and one other person, along with Sarah Palin and Matt Lauer. This was a lightning round of discussing current pop culture topics: Oprah Winfrey owning up to making mistakes in overreaching when she started her own television network, a new Facebook app that allows people to create an enemies list, and Ashton Kutcher being selected to play Steve Jobs in a bio-pic. This segment was amazing, because Sarah Palin was actually against the Facebook app for enemies list, because she says that this creates unnecessary division and contributes to a darker world. Um, seriously? Does she not know what has come out of her mouth since she emerged on the national scene in 2008? She is constantly harping on Obama like she has a personal vendetta against him. Donnie Deutsch actually called her out on that, saying that "anybody but Obama" is part of the problem.

When Matt Lauer interviews Sarah Palin in the most serious part of Palin's visit to the network, she proves that she has not changed one bit. She kept saying that she supports "anybody but Obama and his failed socialist agenda." Excuse me? Socialist? No serious journalist or political scientist would ever accuse Obama of being a Socialist. His policies have been pretty standard Republican fare, when Republicans were reasonable (before Reaganism). She also kept using the term "lamestream media" which no serious, self-respecting journalist, academic, or other member of the punditocracy would use. Its one of this snide words that guarantees applause and hollers at her rallies. How "lamestream" is a media that keeps giving her a microphone and a camera in which to make tossed word salads? Who is she trying to kid? She benefits from the shallowness of our media. If she was born in Europe, she would never have made it to the political scene. There, intelligence counts for a lot.

Overall, I thought she was over-hyped nonsense. She was best at the fluffy stuff. But when asked what Oprah could do to attract viewers to the OWN Network, Palin offered: "Have more conservatives on!" Seriously? Does she not understand what Oprah's intent in creating that network was all about? Oprah basically wanted to create a spiritually inspiring channel on the cable dial, much like her magazine has done. Its about living a better life from a self-improvement and inspirational outlook. Having conservative personalities on OWN would defeat her purpose. Gosh, can you imagine the hate-mongering gasbag Rush Limbaugh having an hourly show on OWN? It would be the equivalent of showing a porn film on PBS! So, Palin's suggestion shows what a tool she is. She can't turn off her political extremism and see what Oprah is all about. Thank you, NBC, for reminding us once again what a clueless waste of life this shallow woman is. I wish she would go grift her teabagger fan club again (I've read that many of her fans were upset that she chose not to run for president, after teasing them all summer that she was seriously thinking about it).

Matt Lauer was also being a moron on this program. He kept referring to Palin by her title, "Governor." Um, she only served half a term and resigned. I think a resignation disqualifies a person from using that title forevermore. After all, when Miss USA beauty pageant queen has to resign her title, is she still referred to as Miss USA? Not a chance. The only title Palin deserves is the one that describes her best: Grifter.

I read a few blogs about her performance and was surprised when I came across one that mentioned that Palin was actually played the fool and didn't even realize it. The blogger mentioned that all the topics they had Palin discuss were ones that hinted at her various controversies. Such as getting Tori Spelling on the show, who is four months pregnant after having a five month old baby (there are questions surrounding the mysterious pregnancy of Palin, who did not look pregnant and claims that her water had broken just before she gave a speech in Texas, and after giving the speech, she flew the long journey back to Alaska and then drove an hour from the airport to an obscure little clinic to "give birth" to her Down Syndrome baby, Trig). The discussion about Oprah overreaching could have been a wink and nod to Palin, overreaching when she was selected to be McCain's Vice President in 2008. The discussion about the Facebook app of having an enemies list was a clear jab at Palin and she walked into the trap! Everything she said failed to match her real rhetoric when it comes to the Obamas. And then the discussion about Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs brought the conversation around to Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin, which Palin said that she has not watched (I don't quite believe her denials. She's so narcissistic that she would definitely have watched). The segment about raising teenage daughters was another topic aimed directly at Palin.

So, if NBC really did arrange all this as a kind of trick against Palin, it was brilliant. She walked right into that trap and played the fool, once again. If NBC did not specifically choose these topics and guests with Palin in mind, then it is an amusing coincidence. Perhaps the universe conspired to align these topics in order to expose the truth about Palin. She truly is an unsophisticated moron, just as the radio d.j.'s from Montreal revealed when they tricked her into thinking that she was talking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2008 election. Good job, NBC!

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