Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ladies, Would You Date This Guy?

On Facebook Tuesday evening, someone on my friends list posted this photo and soon began a competition to make the most witty comments regarding the guy in the photo. We had some fun. One guy called him a "loser on steroids" but I corrected him with, "a loser on supersized soda and junk food."

Not long after that, some women jumped on, condemning us for being "hateful" in our comments and mean. They defended the guy and quite surprisingly accused ME of actually being "envious" of this guy. One lady hated my snarky comments so much that she said that even if I looked like Tom Cruise, she would not date me! Wow...who's being judgmental now?

I realize that my sardonic sense of humour can come across as mean to some people, but we were just having fun. This is typical guy stuff, as anyone would understand in a fraternity or on an all-male ship in the U.S. Navy. Women don't seem to understand gender differences and try to make themselves out to be more thoughtful and caring / compassionate. I know enough from life that this is a bunch of crock. Women can be every bit as vicious, if not more so, as men. I've seen pretty girls treat my brother nice to his face and then make fun of him to their girlfriends. They don't want guys to see them being mean, but when it's a girl's night out, they aren't saints.

I got tired of their personal attacks on the guys who made comments about this guy, so I wrote: "Be honest, ladies. Would you date this guy?" I don't know too many women who would date a guy like him. All it takes is a quick browse of personal ads on Craigslist or even This guy (don't hate me for saying it, but I know you're thinking it) looks like someone who lives in his mother's (or grandparents) basement. It's hard to see what he's collecting, but someone said that it was "Manga" (Japanese graphic novels) as well as "Manga" figures. The caption pretty much condemns people for "judging" him as a "loser", stating that he's doing what he's passionate about. However, I'm failing to see "the passion." What I see is "escapism." I don't see a happy guy. I see someone who might be depressed or isolated. Is he working on accomplishing his goals or is his goal to read every "Manga" there is? That's not a goal. At least not a real one. Sure, we all have our "thing", but based on the picture, I can't say that I see the caption as being true.

It is annoying, however, when you point out something or ridicule something and a person will come back with, "You're just jealous!" It's such a childish, knee-jerk response. If they really thought about it, are they seriously thinking that anyone would be jealous of this nerdy looking, obese guy displaying a "Manga" as though it was the highlight of his life? Get real! If I envy anyone, it's George Clooney. His looks, his wealth, his ability to date any woman he wants, his sense of humour, his charisma, his passion for justice and international development issues. Now that's a role model!

You're not going to come across as credible if you actually think that a few snarky comments about some unknown nerdy guy is a sign of "jealousy." I actually felt sorry for the guy when I saw that picture. I doubt that he and I would be natural friends, though. I don't know who took the photo, who the guy is, nor who wrote the caption. I don't find the caption to be true, though. I hope that the guy gets out some and engages his mind in deeper pursuits than the photo shows. There's nothing wrong with reading "Manga" on occasion, but if its the only thing he reads, his mind might be a bit mushy. Hope not.

I challenged the defensive ladies to ask him out on a date. They might make his day. But I bet the reality is that when they are with their girlfriends, the viciousness that they speak about him will probably be far worse than the guys' snarky jokes about him. This is why I dislike the gender wars. Women can be shallow and reject guys left and right for dates because he wouldn't pass muster with her circle of friends, but if a guy happens to comment on another guy, we get condemned. I prefer people being honest and if there are any women out there who would really date a guy like him, I have to see for myself because this seems to be the exception, not the rule.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

You get into some weird exchanges on facebook, sansego! I agree with you about women. They can be quite snarky and mean when it suits them.