Monday, March 05, 2012

Music Video Monday: Andy Gibb

Today, the youngest Gibb brother, Andy, was born. Had he lived, he would be 54 today. Instead, he died of an inflammation of the heart muscle a few days after his 30th birthday in 1988. He had prior substance abuse problems, notably cocaine, which caused him to lose his hosting gig on the music program Solid Gold (I was a big Solid Gold watcher as a tweenager).

He came to fame in the late 1970s, around the same time as his three older brothers were ruling the charts with the hit soundtrack to the disco movie Saturday Night Fever. Andy being just 20 was a natural pop idol for teenage girls in the 70s. His three hit songs were "(Love is) Thicker Than Water", "I Just Want to Be Your Everything", and "Shadow Dancing."

He was also known for dating the gorgeous star of the night time soap opera Dallas, Victoria Principal (even I had a crush on Victoria Principal as a kid!). He lived a short life and saw the ugly side of fame. Though I do remember hearing the Bee Gees songs and Andy Gibb's songs back in the 1970s, I was never a fan of them. I remember a girl in the 1st grade (back in 1978-1979 school year) who had a Bee Gees lunchbox and I made fun of the band. I thought "Bee Gees" was the dumbest name for a band. But back in the years 1977 and 1978, there was no escaping the music of the Brothers Gibb. Even Frankie Valli had recorded a Barry Gibb-penned song, "Grease", the theme song for the movie version of the popular musical from the 70s. Their popularity in the 1970s, though, seemed to produce a backlash in the 1980s, as they couldn't even score a hit in the U.S. with a great song from 1987, "You Win Again." Perhaps Americans were embarrassed by their love of disco that they didn't want anything to do with that music. I agree that the 70s decade were an embarrassment, in terms of music, movies (save for the birth of the blockbusters by wunderkinds Steven Spielberg and George Lucas), clothing (bell bottom trousers, three-piece polyester leisure suits, and butterfly collared shirts), automobiles, architecture, presidents, etc. Just an awful decade around.

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