Monday, March 12, 2012

Kerouac Day

Today is Jack Kerouac's birthday. In honour of that day, I decided to post the trailer to the long-awaited film adaption of his most famous novel, On The Road. The trailer does appear to embody the spirit of the novel and is avoiding the "docudrama" route that has been far too common for filmmakers who have made documentary films of Kerouac, Ginsburg, and the Beat Generation. Though I am excited to see it, there appears no release date set yet. Also, I don't think the main actors have the charisma necessary to play Dean Moriarty and Sal Paradise (the alter egos of Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac). But, I will see the film opening day, whenever that might be.

On a personal note, for today's Kerouac Day, I received a rejection letter from the independent publishing company for my novel that I had submitted it to back in September. I expected a response in January but when I never heard from them, I assumed that it was rejected and I'd never hear from them. Supposedly, this company reads all the submissions it receives, which I thought would give my novel a better chance than just reading the first 50 pages. The reason is because the novel has a theme that is apparent when one reads it in its entirety. But, no dice, I guess. I wasn't too heartbroken over the rejection, since I was expecting it. Still, I wish someone would take a chance on this novel. I really would love to see it published and hopefully be controversial enough to provoke a public dialogue on the subject matter: namely, the sexual culture of our military and the connection between misogyny and homophobia. With all the scandals going on in the media about sex-related issues, this novel would be a perfect firestorm for controversy, especially if Rush Limbaugh were to receive a copy of it and make jokes about it on his radio program.

So, onward to more submissions. I'm on #13 or #14 rejections now. I still have a long way to go to reach the level that John Grisham, Jack Kerouac, and Ernest Hemingway received for their novels. I really do believe, though, that there is a literary agent out there who is looking for a novel like this to represent. We just have to find one another.

After work, I went to New Renaissance Bookstore for a special talk by some guy who claims to know special techniques for how to access our akashic records. It turned out to be a disappointment, though. I don't know what it is, but I just didn't feel it with him. I got the impression that he was a fake. I didn't like his manner of speaking (it was hard to hear him, and there was only 9 of us sitting in a half circle around him). True to form, the majority of the people who showed up were Baby Boomer women! There was a young couple in their 20s, or maybe still in their teens. They looked awfully young (and typical "Portlandia" type hipsters). The presenter had us each introduce ourselves and what we hoped to get out of this. Most said that they wanted to learn how to access their akashic records. I said that I wanted greater clarity about what career I need to be looking for, as I'm tired of dead end jobs that don't pay squat.

He did some meditation ritual and claimed that he had a glimpse into everyone's main issue that he would reveal. Yet, he apparently forgot in the two hour session as he talked about the akashic record. But at the start, he looked at the young hipster couple and said: "I just want you to know, your spirit guides really wanted you to be here tonight." I thought, "of course he's going to say that!" I've been to enough of these to realize that it is extremely rare to see young people attend such talks. It pretty much attracts Baby Boomers, who likely have faced mortality with deaths of friends, parents and relatives and looking at calendars with less years ahead of them and more years behind them. Then he looked at an attractive woman and told her that he was getting a unique vibe from her. A "cosmic" one, as a matter of fact. He said that her soul was definitely out of this world. OMG, he sounded like a lame drunken idiot at the bar trying to pick up the hottest woman in the place to take home and have some earth-shattering one night stand. It was lame.

Though I did like some of what he said about the akashic record, most of it was information that I've already read about and wasn't new for me. Thus, I felt bored and couldn't wait for the event to be overwith. He had us do a couple meditations and I was following along at first, but my tiredness kept me dozing off, which wasn't cool. In the end, I left when it was over and returned home rather disappointed. I don't know if its because he's male or because he might be a phony, but I just did not get a spiritual vibe at all. I noticed at the three Body Mind Spirit Expos I've attended in the past couple of years that I have never liked the sessions I've gone to that were done by males. I got more out of the female speakers. Perhaps subconsciously, I find them more authentic in their spiritual expressions, while with the men, I always feel as though they are faking it. Plus, I simply thought that the male speakers whose sessions I attended were just dull, perhaps a little too intellectual in their approach.

So, this Kerouac Day did not turn out to be all that great for me. Last year, it fell on a Saturday and the Trinity Episcopal Church in Portland had a special Johnny Cash Vespers service that I attended. Now that was a great Kerouac Day. The only thing that would've made this Kerouac Day awesome was if I had received an email from that independent publishing company that they liked my novel and wanted to publish it. Oh well, I'm never giving up my dream to be a published novelist. No matter how long it takes, my Navy novel will be published.

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