Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In honour of Saint Patrick's Day, here is an awesome Irish song by a great Irish band, Gaelic Storm. The song seems fitting for me: "Born to Be a Bachelor." Well, I hope its not the case for me. I'm still searching for my Lady Love and I even thought of doing a new series on my blog where I post an ad from Craigslist for my critique. I've seen so many bad ones and ones worth making fun of. Perhaps I shall start that in April.

This song has a great Irish melody that I find irresistable. About a decade ago, I actually got to see Gaelic Storm perform at an Irish Pub in the Buckhead neighbourhood in Atlanta. I loved their performance. Something about Irish music just hits me deep at the soul level. I probably was a Celtic / Druid in one of my past lives. My family name comes from an Irish ancestor, though I don't have the genealogy on that. My sister is the only member of our family to have ever set foot in Ireland. Hopefully someday, I shall see this beautiful green country for myself. But, it's far down my list of places to see.

Hope you have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

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