Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Video Monday: Whitney Houston

For this week's Music Video Monday, I selected one of my favourite Whitney Houston songs to commemorate the tragic event of her passing from the earthly dimension into the spiritual one. There were so many different videos to choose from, but I wanted to select the one song that truly moved me. This one, "I Have Nothing" is from The Bodyguard soundtrack. That film, her acting debut, was released during the Christmas season 1992. I was in Europe and had to wait to see the movie until it came four to six months later, in 1993. I visited Nice, France over Valentine's Day in 1993 and heard "I Have Nothing" while I was there, so this song will always be associated with my visit there. I loved that song at first listen. I consider it one of Whitney's most amazing vocal performances. I loved this song a lot more than her over-the-top monster hit song, "I Will Always Love You."

Here is a list of my top five favourite Whitney Houston songs. I would need a little more time to think for a top ten list, so the top five will do for now:

5. "You Were Loved"
4. "One Moment In Time"
3. "My Heart Is Calling"
2. "I Have Nothing"
1. "Where You Are"

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