Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Video Monday: LL Cool J

On Friday, LL Cool J turned 44 years old. I first heard about him in 1985 when I was new in Germany and one of the teens I met on the American base was into rap music and introduced me to Run DMC and LL Cool J. I wasn't impressed. Then in 1987, if I'm not mistaken, LL Cool J released a single that I liked, "I Need Love." It had a nice melody and some racy lyrics.

In the mid-1990s, he topped that with "Doin' It", which has some really explicit lyrics to a nasty funk beat. I had posted this song on Facebook and my cousin (who's father is the most radically religious fundamentalist in our family) mentioned that she remembered me introducing this song to her. Oops...I corrupted my younger cousin! I was just out of the Navy at the time and she had just graduated high school.

I don't know much about LL Cool J, but what I do know is that his rap artist moniker stands for: "Ladies Love Cool James." Pretty arrogant, right? Well, the guy does seem like a smoothie. I bet he did snag a lot of chicks in his day. He has a cool vibe and the lyrics to his racy songs seem a bit autobiographical, though also "bragging" and possible over-hyping, but who knows. A few other hits he recorded include "Hey Lover", "Mama Said Knock You Out", and "Father" (sampling the melody of George Michael's "Father Figure"). So, happy (belated) birthday LL Cool J!

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