Sunday, January 29, 2012

Martin O'Malley's Polar Plunge

Check out this video of Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley taking part in the annual Polar Plunge, which is in support of the Special Olympics. The guy is a natural and seems quite comfortable around people with disabilities / Downs Syndrome. Recently, he is also making a push for gay marriages to be legal in Maryland. It sounds to me like he is already prepping his resume for 2016, which is a good thing. Since I first learned about him in 2010, I'm throwing my support for his presidential bid in 2016. A big part of his appeal for me is that he served 8 years as Mayor of Baltimore and will serve 8 years as Governor of Maryland when his term expires in 2015. That'll leave him two years in which to run for president without being tied down to official duties. That also means he will have 16 years of executive experience when he runs for president, so Republicans who love to say that Obama is "too inexperienced" won't have anything to say about O'Malley being "too inexperienced" to be president. What Republican out there has 16 years of executive experience in government?

If there are any O'Malley staff aides reading this, please contact me about how I can help Governor O'Malley be elected president in 2016. I'd love to help ghostwrite his campaign biography and speeches. I'm a naturally loyal person and know how to keep confidences. I was born to be a political aide to a politician I admire, and from what I've seen and read, I like O'Malley. He's definitely presidential material and I would love to see how fearful the Republicans will be of this strong candidate.

Sometimes, I think of how foolish I was to leave D.C. in 2000. I knew that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend would run for Governor in 2002 and I wanted to be a part of her campaign (even though she ended up losing). I could've volunteered on O'Malley's reelection campaign for Baltimore mayor and then participated in his gubernatorial campaigns. The best way to a career as a political aide is to get on board with a candidate when he or she is not well known and remain loyal throughout their career. Are there any politicians in Oregon who might run for president someday? I don't see any up-and-comers, unfortunately. I do for the governor's race in 2014, but I'm sure that the one I'll be supporting has a lot of supporters, which leaves little room for the candidate to get to know me and what my specific skills are. That's the problem with living in a liberal, politically active state. There are way more volunteers on Democratic campaigns than are needed. Kind of makes it hard to get noticed by the candidate.

If you're not familiar with Governor Martin O'Malley, start searching for articles about him and read. He's likely to be one of the stronger Democratic candidates for president in 2016 (Governor Andrew Cuomo is also being talked about). Like I said, what Republican candidate can brag about 16 years of executive experience? I can't think of a single one (Governor Rick Perry has 11 years). Can't wait until 2016!

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

2016 is going to be interesting!
Hadn't heard about this governor, Sansego. Will keep an eye on him.