Monday, December 05, 2011

Music Video Monday: Ain't No Fun

This past weekend, Republican candidate for president Herman Cain "suspended" his campaign, which allows him to still collect money from donors and use for whatever he wants. This announcement came after speaking to his wife when a lady came forward, claiming to have had a decade-long affair with the married, "family values" conservative.

Of course, Herman Cain still denies that the allegations are true. His denials don't make sense, though. Think about it. If your goal was to attain some job, that this job was your dream, and someone came forward to lie about you, why would you give up your dream? Wouldn't that be letting the liar win? To give up on one's dream so easily means that he really wasn't serious about becoming president. It was all a scheme to become more famous, and it worked. I had never heard of him until he jumped into the Republican race. When I lived in Georgia, he supposedly ran for the Republican nomination of the U.S. Senate seat in 2004 but I don't remember hearing about him at all. If Republicans in Georgia did not want him as a Senator, why would the rest of the country want him as our president? My theory is that Herman Cain was a convenient way for teabaggers to claim that they aren't racist, even after some of the ugliest protest signs in the summer of 2009 that conjured up images of our minstrel show era of the early part of the 20th century.

Herman Cain's claim to fame is being a businessman who saved Burger King and then Godfather's Pizza. However, he helped those companies gain stronger financial footing by closing restaurants, which means he put people out of work. No job creator experience at all. Godfather's Pizza is not in the top three pizza chains and I don't remember seeing one in Georgia. I remember eating at one when my family lived in Omaha and I used to like it, but it has been over 25 years and I'd need to eat there again to see how I like it. I used to like Pizza Hut as a kid, too, but not so much as an adult. Living in Italy changed my taste in regards to pizza. Now, the only pizza places I'll eat are Papa John's and Pizzicato.

When I was in Powell's City of Books recently, I saw a few copies of Herman Cain's book. I was shocked by how thin the book was, yet the price was $25. I think it was less than 200 pages and hardcover. It was mostly his life story and included a section on his policy goals, which had about as much substance as a marshmallow. The guy is an embarrassment (as one can see in the video where he couldn't even answer a question about Obama's Libya policy). That people found him credible is shocking. He was a token candidate at its worst. He was used by the rightwing to bash our first African American President without being accused of racism and now that several white women have come forward regarding his history of sexual harassment and sexual relations, he's disposed of like toilet paper.

The song that comes to mind when I think about the disastrous Herman Cain campaign is Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun." The lyrics are vulgar but somehow, it seems to describe the way Herman Cain views women. One of the cardinal sins in American politics and culture is that a black man better not mess with a white woman. In the past, black slaves and African American males in the Jim Crow era got lynched for daring to have sexual relations with a white woman. We see this prejudice reinforced in classic novels such as To Kill a Mockingbird, in the O.J. Simpson trial, in the negative ads for Harold Ford, Jr.'s Senate campaign in Tennessee in 2006. Had Cain merely harassed African American women or had sexual relations with an African American woman, the outcry might not have been as loud. That's because as Fox News knows well, when a white woman cries rape or sexual harassment against a minority male, the country rallies to her like a knight in shining armour to protect her honour. Its the most racist legacy of our country, even if the woman is lying.

So, good riddance Herman Cain. Count me among those who was not fooled by your fake campaign. I know what you were really after: lucrative speaking engagements, a contract with Fox News to be a conservative commentator, and to sell copies of your poorly written and thin book. That he thought people would part with $25 for such a skimpy book shows just how delusional he truly is. Even Sarah Palin's memoirs offered more substance than Cain's book. I know the campaign "ain't no fun", now you're free to make third-rate pizzas. May we never hear about your pathetic life ever again.

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