Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy 11/11/11 Day! This date has significance, if only because of the repetition of the number 11. In numerology, 11 is considered a spiritual number. I would have loved to have gotten married on this day, but apparently many couples had that idea. Las Vegas Wedding Chapels were fully booked today. I had hoped that something significant would happen on this day (like meeting a lady that I really hit it off with, which leads to a relationship and marriage), but that didn't happen, either. Nothing profound happened. Nothing spiritual. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was just another day for me.

It was also Veteran's Day, which meant that Applebee's was doing their annual free meal to veterans. This is my third or fourth year participating. The previous two years, I invited a fellow Navy vet from church and he said that he would, only to flake out on me both times. I invited him again this year and he said no, so at least that was better than agreeing, then making an excuse not to come (though last year he did attend a funeral on the day, so that's understandable). This year, though, my friend G and his girlfriend joined me and we had a great time. The waitress was also quite cute (and quite married). Just my luck.

I did cause some controversy on Facebook today when I reposted a photo from someone on my Facebook friends' list. Rather than write a critique on her wall and face the hostility of people on her friends list, I decided to share the photo to my wall for my friends to see. The photo was of a horse with an American flag draped around its neck. Based on the comments I read on the friend's wall, I just thought it was ridiculous. People have no clue what patriotism is. Whenever they see the American flag, they get a knee-jerk reaction and call it "patriotism." Ug. To me, based on what I learned in the Boy Scouts, a flag was meant to fly on a flag pole or draped over a coffin of a military member who died or folded into a triangle. It is NOT patriotic to have the flag on shirts, pants, underwear, a cape, placed on animals, used in car dealership lots, as a blanket, etc.

The comment I posted with the picture was:

An example of flag desecration. This is not "respecting the flag" (for those who believe in that sort of thing). It's also disrespectful to the horse, because the horse doesn't give a s$#% about national borders or governments!

I'm not much of a flag worshipper. I just don't get people's devotion to it. I see it as a form of idolatry. To me, its just a piece of cloth flying in the wind. Pretty, perhaps, but honestly...whenever I see people burning it, my heart does not beat faster nor does my blood run with rage throughout my body. I just don't get hyped up on stuff that other Americans do. I know there's room for disagreement, but this is one issue where I will claim to be right because I've studied what "idolatry" means and most Americans who have emotional reactions regarding the flag are engaging in idolatry.

It did not take long before someone commented. This woman hardly ever comments on my Facebook wall. She had in the past over some political post, but considering all the political comments I've made over the years without inspiring her to comment, I was surprised to see her post. But, then again, it wasn't a surprise. She loves horses. She basically commented that she did not agree with my opinion. She didn't want to argue or discuss it, just wanted to let me know that she disagreed. It was important enough for her to comment on my post that she disagreed with me. At least she didn't do her usual thing, which was starting off with: "Nick, I love ya, but..." Now that would have freaking annoyed me because she and I don't know each other well. Her parents and my parents are close friends and I know her parents more than I know her. She and I don't have much in common. She's a stereotypical conservative Southern woman. I'm not a fan of people who throw the "love" word around because they cheapen the word if they don't really mean it (and I know she doesn't mean it because she hardly ever made a point to initiate a conversation with me during the times she was at her parents house the same time I happened to be there).

My response was that I was not surprised that we disagreed on that point. Our life experiences are far too different. I wanted her to realize that. She did seem to agree on that point. Hopefully her parents realize that too. I can imagine that my parents probably don't like my political commentary if people get offended or disagree, but personally, I don't care. I'm very open about my beliefs and no one should be offended. I don't base friendships on agreement with my way of thinking. Besides, I did not Facebook Friend request any church member back in Atlanta because I knew that their political views and mine didn't match and I didn't want them to get mad at my posts and commentary, because I'm not going to censor myself. Those who are my actual friends appreciate reading what I think (they tell me so all the time) so of course I'm going to go with what my true friends enjoy rather than those who aren't really friends. So, if church member friends in Atlanta get offended by my political views, oh well. Maybe now they understand why I had to get the hell out of the South for my own sanity. Nothing personal against them, just that I'm a proud liberal Democrat who loves living in a liberal city.

Speaking of which, one person on my Facebook friends list de-friended me this past week just because I had deleted a comment he had posted on my Facebook wall that included the explicative: "fucking." I had posted some political cartoon or article and he just went off on a rant, using that word. I was shocked and I thought it was out of line. Its just rude to go on a profanity laced rant on someone else's wall. Of course I was going to delete it because I have a lot of church friends and as I learned at Bend Institute, people actually do read what I post. So, I am mindful not to use vulgar language (even though I personally don't have a problem with it). There have been some hilarious cartoons that I wanted to share on my wall, but declined because of the "vulgarity" of the joke.

Well, this guy couldn't understand that. He angrily told me that no one censors him and the reason why he was angry was because religious and conservative people have been abusive towards him all his life. So he's going to de-friend a fellow liberal? He couldn't get over his rant and ego to see that he was wrong to post a profanity-laced rant on my wall without consideration to my group of friends? What a loser. Weird. Its not like I know him personally though. I can't remember how we came about being Facebook "friends." He probably liked my comments on someone else's wall and Friend requested me (I don't friend request people I don't know personally). But that's the shallowness of Facebook "friendship." If people don't like your views or if you delete their comment, you're de-friended. Such shallowness! Obviously, the guy has "issues." He sounded really angry in a lot of his political rants. I just laugh it all off. People need to chill out.

Anyhow, not much to report on 11/11/11. I wish I had a spiritually significant day. There was an interesting news story about a boy who was born on this day at 11:11 a.m. to a two military couple. How about that? I love synchronicities like that. Hopefully the media will follow his life. Hopefully he will have an especially blessed life!

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