Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Video Monday: Bollywood

Last week, I was watching quite a few Bollywood musical songs on YouTube and came across this medley of Bollywood songs. What stands out for me, besides the high energy dance rhythms is the explosion of colours and the way they dance. The women are gorgeous, especially in their saris. In fact, I'm a sucker for any woman who wears a sari, including cultured white ladies who love wearing foreign style clothing.

This medley really energized me. The songs are addictive and mesmerizing. Can't take my eyes off of it. I don't know what it is about Bollywood / Bhangra music, but I simply cannot get enough. In Portland, one Saturday each month is a Jai Ho / Bollywood dance party. I've been meaning to go for a year or two now. The problem is that it ends after the public transit stops for the night, and the dance doesn't begin until 10 p.m. I can't find anyone (with a car) who might be interested in going. My taste in things seem to be so rare, as it has always been difficult finding people who are interested in the kinds of things I'm interested in. Especially when it comes to music!

In fact, two people I recently gave CDs I burned for them of a diverse range of music had both told me that they only listened to half of it. One told me that he was only able to listen to half of it because the music was just too "strange" for his taste. Really? In the Navy and college, while there were people who thought my music was strange, there were a few who got hooked on it. I guess that's when you learn who you really connect with. I read an article a couple months ago in which the writer claimed that the strongest friendship bonds were found in people who shared similar taste in music. About a decade ago, on a date with a lady, I was stunned to see how cagey she was when I asked her what kind of music she liked. I did not understand why that question would cause someone to clam up and hesitate revealing what bands or CDs she liked. What's the big deal?

I know this, though, among everyone I've ever met and gotten to know, I have not found anyone who liked as broad a range of music as me. This isn't a brag or an indication that I think I'm better than anyone. Just that it surprises me that I could like such a broad range of music and relate to other people that way, but the response I get from most people is that my taste in music is "weird." I'll tell you what, though. I bet there are more people on earth who love Bollywood / Bhangra music more than who love country music.

This medley of Bollywood songs appeals to the internationalist in me. I wish more people would share my sense of adventure when it comes to music. Maybe its just me, but music has always been my "drug" of choice. I really do get energized by music. Perhaps music gets me to that feeling place, where I don't have to think. I just absorb the energy of the music and allow myself to glide along to wherever the rhythms take me. Though I like a wide range, I still draw the line at heavy metal or what I consider "angry rock" (not just white supremacist bands, which interestingly enough, tends to be hardcore screeching and yelling). Music all have energies attached to them and even though I have no idea what they are singing, the Bollywood songs in this medley definitely put me in a very happy place. It can't be bad, can it? The music is just too positively energizing to be bad for you.

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