Thursday, October 06, 2011

Don't Cry For Her, America

On Wednesday, two notable events happened. Both were sad news, in their own ways. First, Steve Jobs died of cancer. The visionary inventor of Apple Computers, who gave the world iPod, iPhone, and iPad, left far too early (he was just 56). In a write-up I read about him on the Godwinks website, Jobs was the person who included different font styles on computers. Really? No one else thought of this? Apparently, he had taken a calligraphy class in college just because it interested him, so years later, he decided that computers should have the option of different fonts. What a great idea! We've come a long way since the days of the green and black screen and the big floppy disk. God bless Steve Jobs! Who knows how history will remember him and how his innovations have affected society.

The other notable event was that Sarah Palin had finally dropped her long tease and revealed that she is not running for president after all. It was actually no surprise for most people, though I read that diehard Palin supporters were stunned and even angry. She had made a couple big fundraising pitches for her political action committee in late September. Anyone who donates money to her really should get an IQ test done. All they are doing is funding her shopping sprees and living large lifestyle. She is a grifter, through and through, and now with the deadline looming to get one's name on the ballot for the early primary states, she had to put up or shut up.

I did not believe that she would run, even though I wanted her to for the sheer entertainment value. Her life history shows a repeatable pattern of quitting. She went to five colleges before she received her degree. She had quit two major jobs she's had: one when she was Alaska's oil and gas person who was appointed by the Governor, and then she quit in the middle of her single term for governor. She has accepted speaking engagements only to cancel. Her bus tour in the summer ended prematurely without rhyme or reason. She's simply a huge flake.

Not only a flake, though. I believe that she worries about being exposed as a fraud and this former beauty queen wants to be adored, above all. Her modus operandi is flirting. When she was the Vice Presidential candidate, I remember her interview with Charles Gibson. She was flirty and batted her eye and licked her lips. She is a woman who knows how to use her assets to her benefit. All that winking and lip licking is her "seductive" way to get a man to think she might be sexually available. As a red blooded male, I know that type of woman very well. I always have to be on guard against women like her because in the past, I have been affected by an attractive woman's flirtations. At my last job in Atlanta, there was such a co-worker. She was not a nice person most of the time, but she was pretty and when she turned on her charm, I could not resist even though I knew that she was not always nice to me. Its an unfair advantage for women who know how to use what God gave them to get their way.

However, despite Palin's modus operandi, I believe that she realizes that going through with a campaign will be "damaging" to her "brand." Also, there is the fear that a campaign will reveal the truth of her lies. She has a lot of secrets and many enemies who want these secrets to see the light of day. The past few years have been a boon for her. She's famous, just as she dreamed about in high school, she's rich, she's loved (by a loyal, brainless core of cultists), her utterances on Facebook and through Twitter are repeated in the "Lamestream Media." Why give it all up for a grueling campaign that means actual work: long hours talking with average folks all around the country, learning about the issues (and basic geography in her case), reading relevant newspapers and magazines, spending money on campaign-related expenses (rather than shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus), and schmoozing the right party members and media elite?

In her announcement, she once again stated that she did not need a "title" to continue to work for the country she envisions. She had used the word "title" when she resigned her governorship. I've read blogs and editorials about Sarah's use of the word "title." It actually betrays the beauty queen contestant in her. Winning Miss Alaska or Miss USA pageant does give the winner a "title" (and tiara to wear). For a year, the winner, under the sash and tiara, does community service appearances, always looking pretty and well dressed. However, a political office is more than just a "title" of Governor or Senator or President. It's an actual office, with duties that come with the job. Since Sarah believes that a political office is merely a "title", she should be made aware that resigning her term of office nearly two years before it expired actually forfeits her right to use the term "Governor." She is simply Sarah Palin, private citizen.

I'm so glad "The Big Tease" is over. She had told a magazine reporter that she could "beat" Obama. She scheduled a bus tour of America's historical sites for the summer. In fact, my favourite story about Sarah Palin was the one I read about her bus tour of New England. She actually drove through a tornado in Western Massachusetts in order to arrive in a town in New Hampshire where Mitt Romney was announcing his presidential campaign. Why would she risk her safety (and her family's safety) just so she could get to New Hampshire in time to upstage the Republican frontrunner? This publicity stunt would be curious enough if she was running for president, but the fact that she isn't running makes that seem downright bizarre.

Her second book had failed to catch on. Her previous book, Going Rogue, sold well and got her fanbase excited. I guess there are limits to what her fans will buy, thus a second ghostwritten book failed to excite. This summer saw a roll out of a fawning documentary about her (The Undefeated, which is an odd title). Fans in Iowa might have loved it, but in Republican-dominated Orange County, California, the only theater it played in was empty according to a film critic. More people preferred Harry Potter over Sarah Palin. That has to be the ultimate insult to a former high school beauty queen (that a science nerd is more popular than her!).

Her TLC reality show was a bore and was not renewed for a second season, despite huge numbers for the first episode. Had Palin been smart at all, she would have laid low these past few years and gotten her graduate degree. Not that she values learning. I suspect that she has the same problem as George W. Bush: lazy thinking and incuriosity. Her star is fading and I hope that now that she is not running for president, that the media will just ignore her, the way they continue to ignore Ron Paul.

With both Governor Chris Christie and Sarah Palin out of the 2012 race and the deadlines looming to register a candidacy, it looks like the Republican field is set. Remarkably, Rick Perry is fading fast and surprisingly, Herman Cain is gaining momentum. Romney is still the front-runner, while Michele Bachmann's campaign is in freefall. What a change of fortunes! If the contest comes down to Romney versus Cain for the nomination, I think this is the ultimate irony. It will be fun to watch the agony of Southern, white conservative Evangelical Christians have to choose between the Mormon or the black man. I imagine that this would be "the choice from hell" for a demographic that values the WASP candidate. We truly live in a topsy-turvy world. However, all this is good news for Romney. Nixon's "Southern Strategy" casts a long shadow in the Republican Party and I just do not see that political party nominating an African American to run against Obama. If such an event happened, though, it would be historic and amazing, especially to the rest of the world. Two African-American candidates from the major parties running against each other. Nah, that ain't gonna happen. Romney is 2012's McCain or Kerry. The guy who wins by default because all the other candidates are unacceptable.

As for the Quitter Queen, I would love to see her cast as Poison Ivy in the next Batman film. In the 1997 Batman & Robin, Poison Ivy (played by Uma Thurmond) blows a seductive toxin that affects the mental capacities of Batman and Robin. They simply cannot think about anything other than Poison Ivy. That's the Palin effect on red-blooded Republican males. All she has to do is wink, lick her lips, and Republican males are "schwing"-ing!! Palin might be a decent actress. After all, she convinced a huge legion of Teabaggers that she was presidential material and about to make the run of her life. Well, she is running alright. Running all the way to the bank like the grifter she is.

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