Monday, September 05, 2011

Music Video Monday: Van Halen

Yesterday, 4 September, is the birthday of one of my best friends: Nathan. I had posted this video link on his Facebook wall in tribute to his day. I had also sent him a birthday card that I believe he will like, though I probably sent it too late to reach him by his birthday. He currently lives in Sicily and will return stateside some time next summer (I'm hoping back to Bremerton WA, where he and his wife own a house). Van Halen is his favourite rock band and his son loves airplanes, so this special video of the Navy Blue Angels is perfect for them (his son's 5th birthday is on September 2nd, if I remember correctly).

Interestingly, yesterday, I happened to be in Bend and for dinner, a group of us went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. After dinner, one of the ladies in our group was surprised with a brownie and ice cream as we all sang happy birthday to her. I could not help but think that this was the universe's way of also getting me to honour and celebrate the birthday of my best friend Nathan, who was in Italy. How appropriate everything turned out. He's not big on birthday celebrations, though, and I think I have embarrassed him enough sometimes (I don't always get him a gift every year, though, and this year I did not get him a gift, though I had sent him a copy of The Adjustment Bureau DVD and a few CDs in June). Last week, I had a strangely detailed dream in which both Nathan and another good friend of mine, Matthew (my D.C. roommate) both appeared in separate sequences. I ended up talking to Matthew in a phone call a day or so after the dream, sharing the strange news about my brother joining the Mormon church. Then, Nathan had called me while I was at work and left a message on my voicemail, mentioning the CDs I had sent to him in June (he's just now getting them?!?). I wish I had taken his call, but I did not recognize the number. Nathan is one of few people whose call I will always take, though it is kind of hard to at my work. The time difference makes it difficult to coordinate the best time to call. But, I was glad to hear from him since I had not heard from him since probably January or February.

Hopefully he had a great birthday. I'm glad that I was able to celebrate it in spirit, with a great group of church members.

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