Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Video Monday: PM Dawn

For this week's music video selection, I wanted to feature the song that I first heard when I was waiting in the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome (Fiumicino), Italy on 11 September 1991 for my domestic flight to Olbia, Sardinia. This was the first song that I heard and liked. I recognized the melody because it was one of my favourite 80s songs: "True" by Spandau Ballet. I loved the idea of "sampling", where an 80s song would be used to create an entirely new (usually rap) song. It made the song (melody) fresh again and better than just remaking a song. Some call it "cheating" though, as though the person who does this is being lazy and stealing someone else's tune to make a new song.

It took me at least a month, if not longer, before I learned the name of this song or who sang it. I'm not sure how I finally learned the information, but I bought the cassette tape by PM Dawn just on the strength of this song alone. They were a new rap group (duo) that represented a breath of fresh air (none of the negativity or materialism of the other rap groups). A friend of mine from high school hated them, though, and had no problem ripping the group apart in letters to me. I didn't mind, because our taste in music never agreed. She was into Jane's Addiction and other alternative bands.

As I listen to this song again, I can't believe that it is now twenty years old. I also can't believe that it has been twenty years now when the Navy sent me to Italy for my first three years. Those were the days...perhaps still "the greatest days of my life." Every young man should live overseas for a time during his most impressionable years. Well, perhaps I should say that women, too, should have that experience. Good thing that the music I listened to during that time still has the ability to transport me back in time and reminisce when I need a mental vacation. Other music I listened to a lot during this time twenty years ago was Steel Pulse's excellent album, Victims, which I consider to be the greatest reggae album of all time. Albums I'd discover later in 1991 include Wet Wet Wet's sophomore album, Hold Back the River, and Eros Ramazzotti's In Ogni Senso (In Every Sense).

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T said...

Gorgeous song and video. It's interesting how music, books, smells re associated with particular periods in our lives, isnt it?