Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Video Monday: Alex Boye

In honour of my one year anniversary in freedom from the most dysfunctional office environment I've ever witnessed, and my nine years working for a hypocritical organization, this week's music video is "Born to Be a Scout", which is the theme song from the awful movie, Scout Camp. Yes, working for that organization is as annoying as this song. It's a catchy song, but give a few listens and it just grates on you (reminiscent of the classically annoying "Who Let the Dogs Out?").

I have nothing further to add about this organization. Enjoy the video and hopefully, the trial against the local office will drain the finances of this organization. Consider it karmic payback for being hypocritical and dishonest about what they claim to be about (its not "family values"). The successful lawsuit in 2010 has already caused a few people I know to not want to continue volunteering after their sons earned the coveted rank, nor do they want to donate any money. Knowing what I know about their shady financing, I would not donate a penny. All you're doing is paying for salaries and some of the managers are overpaid. They wouldn't think so, because they claim that they could make more money working for a corporation. The question is: well, why don't they, then? I've seen some of them at work and I doubt they'd be able to hack a corporate job.

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