Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Video Monday: Bachmann Special

No music video this week. Next week, I shall do a special on Girl Bands. Last year, I had devoted a week in August to boy bands, which was fun. Now, its the girls turn!

This week, I couldn't think of a music video to feature that covers the Bachmann / Perry / Iowa Debate & Straw Poll. That's big in the news right now and worthy of further comments. But, I did find an interesting segment on the Young Turks political news commentary which says everything I believe about the Bachmanns.

Despite the popularity of Michele Bachmann among the teabagger set and the evangelical / fundamentalist Christians, ultimately, I don't think she will win the Republican nomination nor will she be the Vice Presidential nominee. I read an editorial in which the pundit mentioned that Bachmann's performance in the debate has basically destroyed Sarah Palin's chance of entering the race. I'm no fan of Bachmann or Palin, but even I could see that she performed well in the debate and did not have the kind of gaffes that Palin did in her Vice Presidential debate in 2008. When I first started hearing about Bachmann in 2009, I found her to be far more scary than Sarah Palin. Not many people take Palin seriously, because she presents herself as a flaky, flirty tease. Bachmann, though, is a serious ideologue. Though prone to her own ignorant gaffes, for the most part, she exhibits none of Palin's lazy work ethic, vindictive thirst for revenge, or tendency to quit when things get tough. Palin entertains, but Bachmann sends chills down my spine. I could easily believe that she is the second coming of Magda Goebbels (who was the wife of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Magda believed in Nazism so thoroughly that she had killed her own children in the last days of the Reich because she did not want them to live in a world where the Nazi regime did not exist). People who are fanatical about their ideology are dangerous and not to be underestimated. As Newsweek's cover photo showed, this woman has a crazed look in her eyes. I've seen several photos of Bachmann and have always had the same impression: there is no warmth, no soul beneath that gaze.

The reason why I think Bachmann's career isn't going anywhere is because of her husband. There is simply too much smoke emanating from that fire and its only going to get worse. As the press have begun to dig into the personal and professional life of the Bachmanns, one of the things we learned is that the Bachmann's have a clinic that engages in "gay conversion therapy." In other words: Pray away the gay. There is a quote I heard where Bachmann spoke about gay people being part of Satan. The way she says the word "gay" is obvious that she finds it disgusting. With video emerging of her husband, with his dancing and the way he walks and talks, people, such as comedian Jon Stewart are beginning to wonder. There are some words that Marcus Bachmann have said which seem to hint that he has struggled with sexual identity. One has to wonder if he, himself, is also a client of his own clinic. Remember that commercial about curing male baldness? "I'm not just the hair club president...I'm also a client," is what the guy in the commercial had said.

So, I'm going to say what others won't. Michelle Bachmann won't be our first woman president because there is no way the Republican party want to risk their "family values" reputation on a First Gentleman like Marcus Bachmann. He presents a Larry Craig problem, which would be a devastating scandal if something like that happens during a Bachmann Administration. I do have to wonder, though. How did a guy like Marcus manage to get someone like Michele for a spouse? There is something strange about their marriage. I hope the media continues to dig. The stench of hypocrisy is too strong to ignore.

It is my hope that the entrance of Rick Perry will harm Bachmann's chances the most. I'm fine with seeing the GOP contest boil down to Perry versus Mitt Romney. Once Bachmann is forced out of the contest, it'll be time to investigate Perry's background. And there's plenty of juicy rumours regarding his private life, as well. I'll have to hand it to the Republican Party. They sure know how to entertain. I can't take my eyes away from this train-wreck of a party. I love how the failed presidency of George W. Bush has caused this party to just go off its rocker. That's what happens when ideology trumps honest truth.

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