Friday, August 26, 2011

Girl Groups, Part 4: Expose

Today's featured Girl Groups is the fabricated trio, Expose. They gained radio play in 1987 with the songs "Come Go With Me" and the one I really liked: "Point of No Return." When I say "fabricated", I'm not joking. This female trio was formed by a DJ. They were kind of the Hispanic Bananarama. The line-up of the women even changed. I know very little about this Girl Group because their songs basically could be sung by any Girl Group. Put three attractive ladies together who can sing decently and presto! Instant Girl Group! All the other groups I featured so far this week actually formed themselves out of a friendship. They weren't hand selected by some music producer to put out dance-pop creations. Expose was such a group, though.

They scored their biggest hit in 1988 with the single "Season's Change", which is my personal favourite song of theirs. They had a few other hits ("Let Me Be The One", "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me", and "When I Looked At Him"), but the impact they made on the music scene is rather minimal. However, along with Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, Expose helped expose the Miami sound, with its dance club ready mix of exotic beats from Cuba and the Caribbean with 80s pop sensibility. As I listened to some of their hit songs again after a long time of not hearing it, I'm amazed that I don't like their songs as much as I did when they first came out. Like I said, nothing really remarkable about this fabricated group. Another fabricated Girl Group would make a larger impact, though. Stay tuned!

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