Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bon anniversaire a la plus belle actrice du monde!

Tuesday was the birthday of French actress Audrey Tautou, who has been my favourite actress and la femme de mes reves since 2004 or so, when I saw her film, God is Great...and I'm Not. That was the film in which she charmed me with her adorably sexy quirkiness. In the film, she plays a model who gets interested in the religions of her boyfriends. Though raised a Catholic (no surprise, as French are either Catholic or atheist), she was interested in Buddhism for awhile, then becomes more interested in Judaism when her latest boyfriend admits to being Jewish (though a very secular and in the closet Jew). Some of my favourite scenes in the movie highlight her adorable cuteness. Such as when she nails some personal Jewish relic on the door frame of her boyfriend's apartment. I've never seen a woman look so cute hammering a nail before! Then, there's the scene where she lights a cigarette with a menorah and doesn't realize it until someone points it out to her and she freaks out more than her Jewish boyfriend and his parents do! Another scene I love is when she argues with her boyfriend and makes some cute little hand gesture. It's also the outfits she wears, her smile, and even the way she speaks English (such as when she says to her movie-watching buddy, "It's complicate" instead of "It's complicated"). The character she plays in this film is EXACTLY the kind of lady I've been looking for all my life. There has to be someone out there who resembles that, right?

I had no idea that Audrey's birthday was yesterday, until I read it on Facebook when someone had wished her (and some other celebrities) happy birthday. Strange then, that I had an urge to watch God is Great...and I'm Not this past Saturday night. I needed my "Audrey fix" this past weekend and put in the film that I love the most. I also have The Da Vinci Code and Priceless on DVD, but for "the full Audrey", only one film will do, and that's God is Great...and I'm Not! Her fame, however, can be attributed to one little movie that came out in 2001. That film is Amelie. Its a quirky film that audiences seemed to love (I hated it). She plays a pixie-ish lady with a kind of magical realism and a strange sense of humour. I had seen it after reading rave reviews about the film, so my expectations were pretty high. A few years ago, I decided to give the film a second chance, but I only got frustrated with it and didn't watch it all the way through. The reason why I don't like the film is that it simply does not "flow" for me. Its what I consider, "too choppy" with entirely too much voice-over narration. I'm not a fan of voice-overs because that's what novels are for. A film is a visual medium, so the story should be told through what we see. And when the story's flow continually gets interrupted so that Amelie can tell audiences something, its just distracting. I am grateful, however, that this little film has been a huge boost for Audrey's acting career. There have been quite a few French actresses whose career went no where internationally (in the early 1990s, I was equally smitten by Anne Parillaud, who gained fame with La Femme Nikita).

The above photo is a scene from the film God is Great...and I'm Not. In the film, Audrey does wear jewelry over her "third eye." Its with this look that she nails a Jewish relic to the door frame. Like I said, absolutely adorable! I know that some American ladies seem to get jealous whenever I rave about Audrey, but who cares? I've heard American ladies rave about Aussie men, so they just need to get over it. We all have our preferences, and for me, no one is sexier than French women. Well, maybe Italian women come in a very close second.

This past weekend, I was surfing on YouTube and decided to see if they had any episodes of The Real World: New Orleans. I was pleased when they did. My favourite cast member that season was Melissa, the half-black, half-filipina lady. When I watched, I was stunned. She has kind of the same look and vibe as Audrey Tautou. I also found Melissa to be quite adorable and had I been a cast member that season (it was the season in which MTV had come to BYU looking for a cast member and selecting Julie Stoffer, who ended up losing her ability to return to BYU for "violating" the Honour Code regarding cohabitation), I would have definitely been all over Melissa (she had a crush on the all-American looking Jamie, though).

So, at least I know that there are Audrey Tautou types out and about. Actually, I know three ladies in Portland that I would put in that category (of adorable cuteness like Audrey Tautou). One is married to a friend of mine. The other one has issues with depression and substance abuse (not to mention other psychological problems). And the third one is 18 years younger than me. I'm putting it out to the universe, though...somewhere in the city of Portland, Oregon is an adorably cute Audrey Tautou-clone who is looking for a guy like me to sweep her off her feet, where we click in a personal, physical, spiritual way. The chemistry between her and I is undeniable and we each have what the other has been searching for all our lives. How's that, universe? I want a Tautou (not a tattoo)!

The person I want to meet the most, though, is Audrey Tautou. I wish she would do a movie in Portland, or even vacation here and we coincidentally meet up with one another, like on a streetcar or something. I'm sure I'd get all tongue-tied and not sure what to talk about, but if I had such an event occur, I think I would compliment her on the film that made me take notice: God is Great...and I'm Not. I'm serious. That movie is absolutely worth watching. One role was all it took to make me smitten. I hope she has a tres bon anniversaire! As a treat, I have included a video of one of her interviews. She's on a train that was hired out by Ron Howard to travel the entire cast and crew of The Da Vinci Code from Paris to Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival in 2006 to premiere that movie. At the end, Audrey does what she always does at the end of interviews. She asks if she can take the interviewer's photo, which she keeps in a scrapbook or photo album. See what I mean about "quirky"? She's so adorable that way! J'aime cette femme!

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Never heard of the movie! But now I'll see it. You were right about Adjustment Bureau.