Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Video Monday: Kool and the Gang

Once again, in honour of my friend's MBA that I helped him accomplish by serving as a ghostwriter on his papers, this week's music video is a Kool and the Gang classic from the 1980s: "Celebration." This song has been a favourite since childhood. Whenever I hear it, I always think of the euphoria I felt during the last week of school, when we got to do fun things like a picnic lunch at the park, cleaning out our desks and taking down decorations in the classroom, turning in our textbooks, and looking forward to a summer break from school. Those were some of the happiest moments in life and this song seems to capture that feeling.

On Saturday, when I was in Target, I was stunned to see a section devoted to Back to School supplies. Already?!? Most kids aren't even thinking about school. When I was growing up, mid-August was when we started buying back to school supplies and new clothes. This was another ritual I enjoyed. The excitement of wearing new clothes at the start of school was comparable to the excitement of the last week of school. In college, I even managed to maintain this "tradition" by buying new clothes at the start of every new semester. Of course, I did this on the cheap, by shopping at Deseret Industries (the Mormon-owned thrift store like Goodwill or the Salvation Army). Before people scoff at that, I often got complimented by women on the clothes that I wore. They had no idea where I bought the clothes that I did, just that I knew which clothes look good on me. The only pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and shirt that I own were found in Deseret Industries (otherwise, brand new from the store would have been more than I was willing to pay).

Here's to celebrating each stage of life. Completion, renewal, birthdays, anniversaries. I'm all about celebrating the special moments of life. Probably one reason why the Jehovah's Witnesses never appealed to me. According to them, any celebration is an act of vanity, thus why it is discouraged. Life can be harsh at times, though, so why rob oneself of moments where you are just ecstatic about completing a stage or accomplishing a goal? Let's celebrate...

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