Monday, July 04, 2011

Music Video Monday: Katy Perry

In honour of our nation's birthday, this week's Music Video Selection is Katy Perry's appropriate song "Firework." I'm sensing a pattern with Katy Perry that she seems to like things shooting out of her breasts. In her "California Gurls" video, its icing to mow down the army of Gummi Bears. In this video, its fireworks. The song isn't nearly as good as "California Gurls", though. That song is just too catchy.

How am I spending my holiday? Writing a freaking paper!!! Its still not finished. I was hoping that we would've finished it on Sunday so I could spend Monday relaxing at home, organizing my room, getting rid of things, watching Gods and Generals, reading a few books, and just enjoying the time off. No such luck. My next holiday weekend is Labour Day, but I'll be in Bend, Oregon for my third Bend Institute. The president of the church will be there, so attendance is expected to be one of the bigger ones this annual church tradition will likely see.

Sunday was a long day, though, so it does show how much I can accomplish in a full day if I wake up by noon (instead of 2 p.m.). If only I could discipline to wake up earlier, that would be cool, as I could get even more done. Some might be wondering why I'm not in church on Sunday. Well, I decided to scale back to one Sunday a month, due to the distance and the inconvenience I cause a church family who go out of their way to pick me up and drop me off. Their teenage daughter had said some unkind things towards me about her parents having to pick me up, and I have no idea if she's only relating their true desires. They are a nice family and keep telling me that they don't mind picking me up for church, but perhaps they are just being nice and keep their true opinions to themselves. I don't know...but ever since their daughter said some unkind things towards me, I decided to limit my attendance to once a month. Once the paper is finished, I will spend my non-church Sundays working on personal projects, such as my Autobiography project (three volumes: birth to 19; my 20s; and my 30s).

For now, I have to survive this Independence Day and the thesis paper from hell!!!

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