Monday, July 11, 2011

Manifesting Video Monday: Abraham / Hicks

Instead of a regular music video, I decided to try something new for this Monday. When I was unemployed, I was able to finally attend the Master Manifestors meeting. The guy who hosts the group, unfortunately schedules it from 4 to 6 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. This means I can never attend. When I was unemployed, I enjoyed being able to finally attend, so I can learn from other people's experience about the kinds of things they were able to "manifest into reality." But, I wasn't unemployed long (probably because I had manifested a more ideal job into my experience).

Whenever I remember before going to bed, I love to watch a few videos on YouTube of clips from a Jerry and Esther Hicks workshop. The clips are around ten minutes each, which is short enough to watch one or two before bed. I've learned that the thoughts I go to bed with tend to appear in my dreams. This is why I don't like to watch horror films, or if I do, I can only watch them during the day. I know, I know...people love to watch horror movies at night because the feeling of being scared is enhanced. I used to be that way, until I saw the remake of Amityville a few years back and a few weeks later, I was visiting my relatives and had to sleep alone in the smelly, dark basement of their old house. I was the only one in the basement and the bedroom was exposed to the open area, where the laundry and storage room was. There were also two red lights on a clock or something that looked like eyes watching me sleep. It was really creepy, especially since in the movie, the guy became kind of possessed when he slept in the basement. negative thoughts before bed for me. I've read in books and articles that one of the best advice newlyweds receive from people is to never go to bed angry at one another. I can understand that advice. As Esther Hicks has said in some of her workshops that I've listened to, when you focus on positive thoughts as you go to sleep, you'll be "in the Vortex", which is where our natural state of being resides. The trick is to remain in the Vortex when we wake up and sustain it throughout the day. That's where the difficulty lies.

If you haven't discovered Jerry and Esther Hicks yet, please listen to this clip. I know there are critics out there, but I find it difficult to find any flaw in what Esther has shared. I've watched hours upon hours upon hours of their DVDs as well as clips on YouTube. I don't sense any kind of deception, ego, or materialism from the Hicks. They seem committed to transforming the consciousness of our planet, and that is a good thing.

I fully intend to find the lady I will marry, through the principles of the Universal Law of Attraction before the summer ends. Let's see if I can manifest this into reality.

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