Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the Summer of Love

Welcome to summer! I'm excited about this summer because for the first time since 2006, I can relax and enjoy myself without the desperation I had in previous summers to find a job by August / September deadline. What a difference nine months makes!

Once I landed my new job, even though it does not pay the salary I've been seeking for a decade now, nor is the location ideal, I actually do love my job and am in no rush to find something else. I can be in this job for awhile, and only apply to jobs where I like the job description. The problem with most admin jobs is that they sound boring as hell and probably are. At least my job is interesting and I get exposed to great music every day. It feels so great to be free of the desperation to escape the job from hell that I had endured for the past four summers. While I had decided to call last summer "The Summer of SynchroNICKity", I decided that this summer will be my "Summer of Love." I finally paid for a three month subscription to, after they had threatened to delete a message I had received six weeks ago. I didn't know who sent me a message, nor could I read it until I paid, so I decided the time is now. Unfortunately, the message was lame. One lady only wrote "hi." It was the lady I was hoping would respond, but that is kind of lame to send someone. I responded back. I call her the Dolphin Lady because she has a couple photos swimming with dolphins. There are probably about 20 ladies who have ads that appeal to me, so I plan to write to one lady per week and hopefully get a good response going and a date or two or few.

Other strategies included buying a CD called "Attract Love", which has subliminal programming that supposedly works on your subconscious to clear out any "self-sabotaging" quirks. I've listened to it a few times and have noticed something has shifted within a good way. I just feel a lot happier and I'm actually loving life...even when I'm off to work in the morning and leaving work. I'm ready to tackle anything. I am so going to be a magnet for women to come into my life. My ideal, of course, remains Audrey Tautou...the most adorable actress ever. I know there are lookalikes out there, so here's hoping that I shall meet a quirky young lady who looks similar to Audrey Tautou and has similar personality traits, and who finds me a fascinating guy that she wants to spend more and more time with. I'm determined to have a Lady Love before September ends.

Last weekend, I met a lady who came by the house to check out the spare bedroom, which the homeowner is renting out to a new tenant. The woman is the same age as me, half-Chinese / half-Caucasian, loves to bake, and is every bit as intolerant about other people's drug habits as I am. That's a relief. The homeowner has had trouble finding someone to rent the third bedroom because so many renters want a marijuana-friendly household. The lady has a dog: a one-eyed pug / pekinese mix that she rescued from the humane society. She has agreed to be our housemate and she will bring with her a weight bench and an exercise bike, which is perfect, because I didn't want to have to join a gym. Now, I can get a fitness routine going again and hopefully be in the best shape of my life before the big FOUR-OHHHHHHHHH hits.

It'll be interesting to have a female housemate again. I can almost hear the old Bishop's wife at BYU who learned from someone that I had moved out of the dorms into a house where a lady was renting the basement rooms. The Bishop's wife had come up to me and said, "I heard that you moved into a house with women living in it." "Yes," I replied. "Nicholas," she said with a concerned look in her eye, "I worry about you sometimes!" She apparently thought that a man cannot live in the same house with a single lady without some sexual activity going on. Well, she needn't have worried. I did not find the female homeowner to be attractive at all.

I hope the new housemate will be cool and easy-going. Apparently, my refusal to pay into getting cable TV did not scare her off. The other housemate and I don't watch TV much, so it seems like a waste of money. It wasn't a sticking point with her, though. I think living in a place that allows dogs (the homeowner fell in love with her dog. He has a pug of his own) as well as being a staunch anti-marijuana household were major selling points. I did have a few questions for her. "Are you a staunch Republican or Evangelical Christian?" She said no, so that's a relief. She said she's not religious, but if she had to pick one, she'd be a Buddhist. Good. She'll like my small collection of Buddhist books, then. She's moving in this weekend.

At the biweekly discussion group I attend, I was the first one there (as usual) and a cute young lady walked up to the table and asked if I was with the young professionals group. I said yes and she sat down in a chair next to me on my left, despite a whole long table full of chairs. I was kind of surprised. She was friendly and I detected an accent, so I asked her where she was from. She said Romania. Cool! The first thing I said after hearing that was, "A friend of mine thinks Romanian is the most romantic language in the world. What do you think?" She said that she thought French probably was, or Italian. But they all belong to the same language family (along with Spanish and Portuguese, which all came directly from Latin). I've never heard Romanian spoken, so I have no idea what it sounds like. For me, French is the most beautiful language in the world (written and spoken) while Italian is the most romantic. Anyhow, this young lady is studying political science at a Quaker-owned college in the Portland area. Awesome! I told her a little bit about the group as we waited for others to arrive.

The discussion went well. It was about Turkish Democracy, which I know very little about, so I mostly listened to other people. I only spoke when the topic switched to Afghanistan. The Romanian lady seemed knowledgeable about Turkey and the ongoing debates over whether it will be accepted as a member of the European Union or should it focus on being a leader in the changing Middle East. All fascinating stuff. Truly the only thing I know about Turkey is that you don't want to go to prison there!

Summer has only begun, but things look promising. Here's to turning on the magnetic switch and attracting my soulmate or Bashert (intended one) in the Summer of Love. I'll be singing "Seasons of Love" all summer long!

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