Monday, June 06, 2011

Music Video Monday: Wes

This week's music video is called "Alane" by Wes, a song that I only heard for the first time two weeks ago. This song was apparently a hit song on the European music charts in 1996! did I ever miss such a great song?

I only had the chance to hear this song because of a CD set that Christine had left me when she moved to the Netherlands to marry her Dutch fiance. She had to give away so many of her things. I took a few of her DVDs, books and CDs, which I had planned to send to her once she got settled in and married. Well, the books and CDs, anyway (the DVDs aren't playable on European DVD players). Her fiance had sent her a 5 CD set of 100 "songs of summer" which had a few songs that I was familiar with, but most of it was all new to me. The CD was released in 2003. At work, I can copy songs off a CD and burn it onto a new CD through my computer. This will allow me to keep the songs I like and return the original CDs to her.

This song reminds me a little bit of "Sweet Lullaby" by Deep Forest, which was my favourite song of the year in 1994. I had kept my own weekly chart rankings of songs since 1985 (through 1995) and "Sweet Lullaby" held the #1 spot for 12 weeks in the summer of 1994 (it was rare for a song to hold the top spot so long, because I loved too many songs and wanted as many of them to hit #1 on my charts as possible). I love the whole ambient music mixed with African melodies. I can't get enough of that sound, apparently. When I finally watched the music video to "Alane", I was struck by the lead singer. He looks happy and is probably a fun person to know. I like his vibe. This could be in part because he "reminds" me of my spiritual guide, Shimba. In 2003, when I did a hypnotic regression, I learned that my spiritual guide's name is Shimba and he is a big and tall African guy with dreadlocks. This explains why I have always felt at peace whenever I see someone (man or woman) with dreadlocks. To me, dreadlocks are so cool (I would have them if I could)...and even "spiritual." I've read that dreadlocks are considered a spiritual thing for the Rastafarians. So, watching this video is very satisfying, because it truly is like watching my spiritual guide without having to meditate and hoping that he'll show up.

I also like the lady with the Princess Leia-esque hairstyle. I love the way she dances. Whoa, I would love to dance with her in this song! The video is awesome. The music just puts me in that spiritual zone. Why can't American radio be open minded enough to play a song like this? Its likely because of the foreign language aspect. Most Americans want to know what a person is singing. For me, lyrics are secondary to the melody. I've always had to get into the music first before I pay attention to the lyrics. That's ironic, since I'm a writer. But music is a feeling for me. Its part of my energy. It truly is my drug. A great song can make me feel euphoric bliss, of the type that many smoke marijuana to achieve. I've never had to use drugs because I know how to get to that great feeling place through music. This song, "Alane" is just one more example of how a great song can put me in that spiritual place. I wish that I heard it in 1996, but I'm glad I got the chance to finally discover this song. All because of a CD set that Christine gave to me when she left the U.S.A. a year and a half ago.

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Bertus Dertien said...

Love this song to, by Wes. The lady dancer is the same one in Macarena by Los Del Rio. I am also touched by it and its 2015!