Monday, June 20, 2011

Music Video Monday: Color Me Badd

This week's music video is dedicated to disgraced and resigned Congressman Anthony Weiner. Twenty years ago, a ridiculous song was a hit on the airwaves. I first heard it during my last couple weeks of basic training and it was popular with guys in my company. Of course! The song is called "I Wanna Sex You Up." What the hell does that mean, exactly? The band is even more ridiculous, because they misspelled "Badd" and they only had one follow-up hit song, "I Adore Mi Amore." That saved them from "one hit wonder" notoriety.

Someone should do a remake for the current scandal: "I Wanna Sext You Up."

On Facebook, the back and forth debate between myself and Weiner's passionate female defenders continues. I can't believe that ladies are defending him, because I know a few of them and if their husbands or significant others ever did such a thing, he would be confined to sleeping on the couch! For a long time. How difficult is it to understand that serving in Congress is a privilege, not a right? You have to earn the respect and honour of serving in Congress.

On Saturday night on Coast to Coast AM, the first hour guest was Glynnis, the Numbers Lady. She's a frequent guest and I remember her last visit. Just like last time, she said that politicians and athletes or other celebrities who are in a Personal Year Eight better behave, otherwise the energy of an 8 year will reveal the secrets that they want to keep hidden. She did the numbers on various people and people whose sex scandals became subjected to a feeding frenzy include Tiger Woods, Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, David Vitter, and Anthony Weiner. All of them were in their Personal 8 year when their scandals broke. So, word to the wise: don't be naughty in your 8 year!

I like the host Ian Punnett, who agreed with me regarding Weiner: the guy was an arrogant ideologue who was brought down by his own failings. There's no need to feel sorry for him because it was completely self-inflicted. Punnett even said on the air, "Somewhere out there, a politician is probably up to no good, thinking it won't happen to him." That's the problem with these politicians. The apathetic voters don't hold them accountable, so they get caught up in the ego's delusion that they will be the ones who gets away with their immoral behaviour. If I had enough free time, I'd do the numbers on major politicians to see when their Personal 8 years will be. I'm particularly interested in the potential scandals of John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, and Aaron Schock. C'mon Republicans! Give us another salacious sex scandal!

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Sex does them in every time - repug, dem, or otherwise!