Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday: Nine Months is Not Just a Pregnancy

Today marks the nine-month "anniversary" of that great day in my life, when I was liberated from the job from hell. Throughout my workday, I reflected on how much life can change (for the better). How losing a job was not the end of the world, especially since it freed me to experience the joys of FUNemployment. I was also free to finally go on vacation to San Francisco over Halloween, which I would not have been allowed to do if I had remained in the job.

I can't believe that it has been nine months now. I've lived without the toxic negative energy for nine months now. I should be able to manifest some of my dream items much easier now, now that I no longer have to endure eight hours each day being henpecked by a psychotically crazy control freak. I actually feel happy down to my cellular level. This means that the cells within my body are feeling blissful. It was probably a blessing for my health to get out of there when I did, before I had a health crisis brought on by the stress of being a virtual slave to some crazy lady.

In my current job, I pretty much set my own agenda for the day. My supervisor trusts me to get the job done, to know what needs to get done. I'm still cleaning up the mess left by my predecessor, which constantly surprises me. How can one person mess things up so badly. In the break room, I had mentioned to one guy my amazement that my predecessor was so incompetent. He told me, 'Hey, watch it now. I thought he was a cool guy." Another guy in the break room told him, "But he was not the right person for that job. He wasn't a detail-oriented guy." I am totally the right person for the job. It amazes me how perfectly matched the job is to my personality and experiences. This actually puts me in a strange situation. The job doesn't pay the salary I've been wanting since leaving college (I'm about $15,000 a year off from my ideal salary) nor is the location ideal. So, I will be focusing on those two details for my visualization process for a more ideal career (travel is another aspect that I want). In the meantime, though, its hard to beat a job where the phone hardly rings, where I get a whole warehouse full of new music to discover, where I get to correct someone else's mistakes, where I get to research songwriters on the Internet, and where I get to run reports each quarter, look for inconsistencies or mistakes, and making sure the numbers all add up. Like I said, a job that is perfect for me. For now, anyway. The goal is to leave this one before I get bored with it, which will likely happen after my one year mark. I'll probably stick with this job through the end of the year, since I want to return home for Christmas, my birthday, and New Year's.

In the evening, the friend who ran for County Commissioner last year had a birthday barbecue in his backyard. I did not know most of the people who showed up. But one guy from the campaign recognized me and we spent most of the time talking. He's been unemployed for a few years now, which is a shock. He told me about his frustrations with the job search. I could relate to some of what he was talking about, though I still don't understand the unemployment phenomenon. I told him that many books that deal with the job / career search seem to mention that a lot of the job search deals with the inner process. I tried to explain how the Universal Law of Attraction works, but he is an atheist, so he doesn't really believe in that. He also mentioned that he's not the kind of atheist who puts down anyone with a religious or spiritual view and he is open minded to ideas.

When I think about my job search, my FUNemployment period was shorter than I hoped because I did not get to participate in all of the workshops offered by the employment office that I wanted to, nor did I get to work through several career search books that I had. I was so determined to work through my process for finding the right career for myself, which includes the salary. Why is it so hard to get the salary I've been seeking for over a decade now? I'm not asking for a whole lot, just a reasonable salary for someone with my degree and experience. The job offer came as a surprise and ended my job search after 75 days of unemployment. I have no idea what its like for someone who has been unemployed for over two years. I imagine that one's level of confidence and self esteem might not be in a good place in order to attract opportunities their way.

All I can say, though, is that on this anniversary date, I am grateful for the job that I do have and expect that my career is on its way. I just need to spend some time working through the career search books that I have so I can gain clarity about the kind of long-term career that would fulfill my heart's desires and pay me the wages that I well deserve, after all these years of paying my dues in barely livable wages.

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It's that novel, Sansego. That's the dream thing. Keep writing.You'll do it. You're like the ligttle engine that could.