Monday, May 09, 2011

Music Video Monday: Milli Vanilli

This week's music video comes from the duo known as Milli Vanilli, who scored a series of hits in 1989 before being exposed as lip synching frauds in 1990 when a record kept skipping while they were performing in concert. After exposure, they became a punchline to jokes told by comedians everywhere.

I consider this appropriate for the week, as I continue to question the government's claims regarding the killing of Bin Laden and the information dump that includes video of Osama without his gray beard (did he really spend money dying his beard black? Or were these old video footage?). While the government is willing to release video footage of Bin Laden, they aren't willing to release the audio or translate it. I wonder why. What are they so afraid of? In 1995, The Washington Post and The New York Times received permission to publish the entire manifesto of the Unabomber in hopes that someone would recognize the writing and go to the authorities to reveal the writer. This is exactly what happened. The manifesto was such an incoherent rant against modern technology that it has passed into history, forgotten for its contents.

It is important to understand our "enemies", but how do we do that if things are censored?

As for Milli Vanilli, I found their music catchy and irresistible. Who cares who the two guys are? The record company should have simply allowed the real singers to be Milli Vanilli, but I guess they probably did not have the look that the record company wanted. However, the Milli Vanilli lip-synch duo looked ridiculous with their tights, big shoulder-padded jackets, chest bumping, and dance moves. In a word, they looked "gay." The dreadlocks were the only cool thing about them. Below is a video of Fab Morvan singing the signature song in 2008. He dropped the dreads (what a shame...dreadlocks are so cool), the padded-shoulder jackets, and the tights. He's not a bad singer, but I like the original song better. The other half of the duo had committed suicide several years back. What a shame that the lip sync scandal made of their reputation. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that big of a deal. With any dance-pop music, studios can manipulate voices into sounding better than the singer would singing it live. Its not like its Josh Groban lip synching to someone else's voice. That would be a huge deal.

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