Monday, May 02, 2011

Music Video Monday: Johnny Clegg

While Johnny was in Portland, he had a studio session with a local radio station, KINK FM. He posted the video links on his Facebook wall (yes, Johnny has a Facebook presence and he has been active lately with his North America Tour). The one above is a ten minute interview, which is awesome. Love his accent. Its even cooler than the Aussie accent and I think the Aussies speak the coolest sounding English.

The reason why I'm stunned that KINK FM would feature Johnny Clegg in an "unplugged" studio session is because the music they play has a rather narrow playlist. Though its not as bad as the adult contemporary station, its not as broad as CHARLIE FM, either. I remember KINK FM for being the favourite station of School Marm, who would listen to it every day when I worked at That Awful Place That Shall Not Be Named. It made me sick of that station. Since starting my new job, though, I don't listen to any radio station at all. At work, I'm required to listen to the CDs sold and distributed by the company. I don't mind, because I've been exposed to so many cool new music, which I know that American radio would never play because of the narrow-mindedness of corporate music.

Still, it speaks well that KINK FM had invited Johnny Clegg to speak about his music and play a few songs for a studio audience. Wish I could have been in the audience. Below is his performance of his latest single in Europe: "All I Got Is You" (my third favourite song on his new album Human). Enjoy!

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