Thursday, April 28, 2011

The President Trumps the Chump

On Tuesday evening, I had fallen asleep while the radio was on. That's always dangerous, because my dreams will revolve around whatever is talked about on the radio (I learned what a nightmare this could be a year or so ago when Rush Limbaugh's hatred entered my dream state). So, I dreamed that I was in Hawaii with a friend from high school and all we talked about was birth certificates!

When I woke up, I learned that President Obama had given a press conference announcing that he was showing his long-form birth certifiocate. His speech was amazing, because he mentioned how ridiculous the obsession with his birth certificate was and how it has become a huge distraction for the serious work that needs to be done. He compared it to sideshow carnival acts. It was yet another great speech by our president. Part of his consistency of character. His is a man who is serious about changing the discourse of our country away from the trivial fluff that too many Americans fall prey to. Obama is a thoughtful person with a low tolerance for ignorance and shallow small talk. This is a big reason why I like him, because I'm the same way. Too many Americans are just plain ignorant and prone to obsess over the most inconsequential things. Why give in to the demands of such morons and their incessant rants?

President Obama's press conference pre-empted a planned press conference by Donald Trump, who was hinting that he had found something that his private investigators brought to his attention during their recent trip to Hawaii. Trump got trumped by the president, so he had to salvage something. He claimed victory, bragging that he managed to accomplish something no else was able to do for two years. What accomplishment? The Chump had been hinting the past couple weeks that he believed the birth certificate not only revealed that Obama was born in Kenya, but that it also indicated what Obama's religion was. What an ass. Even if a birth certificate mentioned the religious affiliation of the parents or the baby, it would be irrelevant because people change. That's probably why such info is not included on a birth certificate. Its strictly the unchanging facts: Obama was born in Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961 to Barack Hussein Obama, age 25 of Kenya, East Africa and Stanley Ann Dunham, age 18 of Wichita, Kansas. Obama is a II rather than a Junior.

Will this info shut up the birthers? Not a chance! No amount of factual evidence will change the mind of a deluded person. These people are so blind in their hatred of our first African American president that they will deny his legitimacy until the day he leaves office. Never mind that we did have an illegitimate president for eight years, which they were strangely silent about.

In Trump's press conference, he mentioned being skeptical about the birth certificate and mentioned that it would have to be analyzed. Even more audacious, Trump said that he was glad that it was over because he was tired of people and the press asking him about it! If I needed proof of his moron-status, it was that statement because he was the one who jumped onto the birther bandwagon. His daily diarrhea to the press has spewed far worse stinkier shit than the birth certificate obsession. Trump is questioning Obama's attendance at Columbia University and Harvard University and he calls Obama the worst president ever. Really? Even worse than Bush, who squandered a surplus, passed two economy-crippling tax cuts, launched two wars on borrowed funds from Chinese bankers, dithered on and after the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, then repeated his incompetence during the worst natural disaster in U.S. history?

What is wrong with our society? In a society that values honesty, truth, and justice, a person making a false accusation would lose credibility and be considered a persona non grata, consigned to a life of obscurity and irrelevance. I wish this fate on Donald Trump. He wagered his "reputation" (which was grossly over-valued to begin with) on the belief that President Obama was hiding his birth certificate. When the info on the long-form birth certificate revealed what Obama had told people for two years now, there's no question that Trump's credibility is tainted. His brand should be reduced to the low class status of a Walmart. Hopefully, Republicans will get smart and dump him before he leads the party off the cliff. As a loyal Democrat, I'm amused that the Repugs have gotten so loony. That's what blind ideology does to people.

The news sparked so many debates on various Facebook walls. It was interesting to see a friend of mine from church in Atlanta, whom I've known since 1988, comment on another friend of mine's Facebook wall (whom I've known since 1991 when we were sailors stationed in Sardinia). I had no idea that they were Facebook friends (through me), but the church guy's comments pissed me off because he was lying on the website. He made the same argument on my fellow sailor friend's wall that he had tried to make on my wall awhile back. His argument was that Obama is disqualified from being president because you have to have both parents who are natural born citizens. I called him out on his lie. He doesn't have a clue what he's talking about because he's a white, conservative Southern guy who was born in America to two white natural born Americans.

The reason I know about citizenship is because I was born overseas in a U.S. Navy hospital to a natural born American father and a Thai citizen mother, who was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in 1976 (I remember going to a voting booth with her, so that had to be the 1976 election). I was issued a U.S. Department of State birth certificate that looks just like Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate. My birth certificate states that I was born in "The Republic of China." That would be Taiwan, not mainland China (which is officially called "The People's Republic of China"). If I ever run for political office, conservative morons would have a field day with my birth certificate and I would enjoy smacking them down. I've had to show this birth certificate whenever I started a new job, when I enlisted in the Navy, to get my driver's license. I've registered to vote and for the selective service at the age of 18. I've also had to show my birth certificate when I got my passports in 1993 and 2009. And when I was in South Africa without any identity cards due to my being robbed, not once have I ever been denied that I was an American citizen by any government official. If I'm considered an American citizen, so is President Obama...because he has one thing over me: he was born on actual U.S. soil. John McCain was not. Neither was my brother.

It annoys me that my church friend has bought into the lies of the rightwing nutjobs. There is a secret motivation for someone like Orly Taitz to keep pushing the issue. Race plays a part, because there is a segment of the American public that is still bothered by the idea of a black man having a better status than them. The Obamas are a successful, intelligent, classy, telegenic family. There's nothing "ghetto" about them, and there's the rub. President Obama is a daily reminder to those who prefer to remain ignorant that they are stuck in their ignorance and low class status. Is that the president's fault? Why should he live up to someone's racist stereotype of what a black person should be? Its amusing that birthers get defensive when you bring up race, because "some of their best friends are black!" And we believe this because a lady in the Republican Party in Orange County, California had been caught sending a racist email to her friends that depicted President Obama as the offspring of two chimpanzees with the caption saying something like: "Now we know why he doesn't have a birth certificate!" She claimed that she only sent this to her white friends who wouldn't be offended. Obviously, someone was offended enough to forward the email to the media. Oops!

I'm sure that Obama's awesome press conference is not going to settle the issue for these birthers. We shouldn't be shocked. They do seem a bit Obsessive-Compulsive. The scene below, from The Aviator, perfectly illustrates these people. They can't help themselves. OCD is a mental illness. Sucks to be them. Show me the blueprints! Show me the birth certificate!

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