Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Video Monday: Pink Martini

This week's music video is by Portland's biggest export, Pink Martini. Since I moved to Portland in 2006, I've heard a lot about this band but I never listened to their music. The reason? Well, it sounds closed minded of me, but I thought the name of the band was dumb. Pink Martini? What kind of band name is that? Granted, its not as bad as "Goo Goo Dolls", but I thought the name was dumb.

The company I work for happens to distribute the label that Pink Martini records under, so when I started working there, advertisements for Pink Martini's first Christmas album was all over the office. They are the company's pride and joy. I didn't listen the Christmas album and I have been resisting listening to them since I started working at the company. However, on Friday, I saw a copy of an old CD by Pink Martini in the reference library, so I decided to give them a fair listen.

Whoa! I was impressed on first listen. I was shocked. They are quite eclectic in their musical style. There were a couple songs in the bossa nova style (I'm a fan of bossa nova, the only Jazz I can listen to). They had some songs in French and a torch song or two. Then there's the song "Hey Eugene", which is the best song on the album. The music is pure genius. I love it. Its my new favourite, even though this song was released the same year I moved to Portland. What I most love about my job is that I have a huge warehouse of CDs to listen to, simply by requesting a promo copy. I haven't even listened to an actual radio station that plays current hits or adult contemporary pop in over six months. Since I started working at the company, I've gotten into some awesome blues, bhangra, classical, and even country. My favourite are a few blues artists.

This week, I will experience the first "benefit" of working at this company. The annual label conference is this week at a hotel near the airport. I'll get to meet some record company owners, which I can't wait for. My favourite label is Ruf Records, out of Germany. They have quite a few awesome blues artists, with my favourite being a trio of young Europeans who recorded an album about their pilgrimage in 2005 through the Mississippi Delta (to Memphis, though. Hurricane Katrina cancelled the New Orleans portion of their journey). One of my favourite songs on this album is "Blues Caravan", where a Finnish lady is actually trying to rap. Its so hilarious to hear her attempt to do so.

On Wednesday evening, I will have to miss out on my biweekly discussion group (we're discussing Guantanamo Bay this week! I so wish I could bi-locate--which is being in two places at once). The company is sponsoring the Portland show of Dana Fuchs, whose CD Love to Beg is getting rave critical reviews and is expected to sell well this year. I've listened to her album a few times already and I love it. I can't wait to hear her live! I even contacted her on Facebook, letting her know that my job is to make sure she gets paid her royalties. Like I said to friends last year when I got hired, I consider this a good karma job.

The highlight for me this week will be on Saturday, when Johnny Clegg performs at the Aladdin theater (his label is not distributed by the company I work for, so this concert is purely my interest). My request to the universe is this: if there is ever an event at which I want to meet my future wife, this is that event! I would love to meet a single, attractive, intelligent, well-traveled lady at this concert and hit it off with her. I'll remain hopeful, but my main goal is to enjoy myself and to meet Johnny for the fourth time (I plan to give him a bolo tie that I know he will love because it illustrates a subtitle to his song "Dela": "I Know Why the Dog Howls at the Moon").

Here's to a blessed week! Music is the "drug" that keeps me going. I love being exposed to new music all the time, which my job has certainly done a great job at for the past 100+ days. Hope you enjoy Pink Martini's performance on Dave Letterman. If you get a chance, check out their album. You haven't heard anything like it!


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How'd I miss this on Letterman?! Thanks for posting.

Alison said...

PS that's Trish