Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Video Monday: Climie / Fisher

This week's music video is a reflection of the love that's on my mind! This song has actually come to mind recently. Its one of the many songs that were released in 1988 that made that year my favourite year in music. So many great songs! The duo, Climie / Fisher was European and though they had several hits on European pop charts, they only had one hit in the U.S.: "Love Changes (Everything)". I really love the sound and the vocals in this song. A lot of the reason why this song is a favourite of mine is because it was released in late summer, when my family had moved back to the USA after three years in Germany and so it is among the series of songs that made my first month back in the USA after a three year absence euphorically blissful.

According to the psychic lady that I saw on Saturday, she had claimed that I was spiritually contracted to meet my soulmate by September and this relationship (whether I was ready for it or not) would truly change every aspect of my life, including a career, living arrangements (she mentioned a house), writing career, etc. A part of me remains skeptical, a sort of, I'll believe it when I see it kind of thing. Her certainty that it was going to happen for me this year kind of makes the hopeful part of me believe that she's speaking the truth, because she did not tell people what they wanted to hear, since the nine ladies all wanted good news about their relationships or desires for one, and she gave a mixed bag of what she saw for each person. Only mine was a definite going to happen kind of deal. In that way, she was right: I was "special." That's what I get for being the sole brave guy to attend a group session with a psychic!

So, here's to love and the hope that love truly will change everything about my life!

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