Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Job Lottery

Yesterday at work, I finally received 100 business cards. I didn't even ask my supervisor if I would be getting some and on Sunday, I had thought of getting personal ones made at Kinko's (using the title "Ethiconomist" as well as indicating my writer / editor experience). Now, I can have something to give to the Russian lady when I ask her out on a date the next time I see her. I'm not letting this one get away! Unlike my last job where I did not want to give my business card out to anyone not connected to my work, this time I will have no problem exchanging business cards with people. What a huge difference loving a job has on one's psyche!

Also yesterday at work, there were several interviews with people for the open position due to the co-worker's unexpected passing. At lunch, I had asked the human resources lady how many resumes she received for my position. I finally got the scoop! They had received 300 resumes for the job I had applied for, but only four were invited to interviews. So, I beat out 299 people, including three interviewees. Wow, that news made me feel good all day at work! I always wondered how many resumes these job listings get. I didn't expect that many people to apply for the job, though I shouldn't be surprised. I can say with absolute certainty that they picked the best person for the job because I LOVE music and I am a stickler for details (in fact, some might even call me an "anal retentive" about it).

At the start of each quarter, I have to run a series of reports on the previous quarters sales, so that royalties can be paid. Just like in January, going through the reports, I have spotted a lot of mistakes that were made during the data entry phase, which means I have to correct the mistakes and run the reports again. In January, I learned just how messed up my predecessor was. His work was sloppy, like he didn't care. Dang. Even in my last job that I hated so much, I still did a thorough job. I have pride in work. Even if it bores me.

This job doesn't bore me, because I love correcting mistakes (I should've considered a career as an editor or an accountant). Plus, I get exposed to great music. My latest craze is Bhangra music, which is Bollywood on techno / trance. One of these days, I really need to go to a Jai Ho dance party at the Crystal Ballroom downtown. Another date night activity when I finally have a lady love. This music is so energizing to me. I haven't listened to a radio station in about six months, so I have no idea what's popular in the country at the moment. I just find my own new music to embrace.

To recap my job search experience, here are the stats:

75 days unemployed
83 days from the last day at my last job to the first day at my new job
10 weeks of unemployment checks
30 places applied (I stuck with the minimum amount required by the employment office, because it took a long time to tweak the resume and write the cover letter to each job)
300 people applied for the position I currently have
4 applicants invited to an interview
1 victor...ME! (Priceless!)

And the hiring process defied everything I heard people (job seekers and the government employees at the state employment office) say: December is the worst month to find a job; its easier to find a job when you have a job; if you don't make your Facebook open to the public, employers will think you're hiding something; sending a thank you card after the interview increases your chances of getting hired (I was offered the job the day after the interview, before I even had a chance to write and mail a thank you card. I eventually gave my supervisor a Happy New Year's card thanking her for hiring me as well as the Christmas gift she gave me).

What this proves to me, however, is that while there are general tips on how to land a job, sometimes, there are possible "outside influences" that help you find the right job. I truly believe that my daimon guardian (spirit guide; guiding angel) was helping me find the job I was perfectly suited for. After the long string of incompetent people, this company truly needed a stickler for details to fix up the huge mess that has accrued over the past few years. It does bring to mind a question I have to ask my daimon guardian: "Why couldn't I have found this job when I was new to Portland in 2006???" It would have saved the company and myself a lot of grief, and who knows? I could have very well been promoted into a higher position of responsibility by this time, instead of having wasted four years of my life in a dead end job that only caused me a lot of grief with very little good to show for it.

If you happen to be searching for a job right now, my advice would be...take all the advice that people give you with a grain of salt. The best thing you can do is get clarity about what you want in an ideal job and to maintain a positive attitude through the process. For me, I enjoyed the unemployment period so much that I did not want it to end until January. There were about 5 more workshops (free! informative!) offered by the employment office that I was excited to take, which I had to cancel when I got hired. The most amazing thing about this job is that it matches nearly every request I had made to God for the past four years (except for the location and the pay): a diverse workplace from a generational and racial standpoint, a good gender balance (rather than being skewed one way or the other, as I did not enjoy working in either a predominantly male environment of the Navy nor the predominantly female environment of That Awful Place That Shall Not Be Named); my own workspace (I have nothing against cubicles, because it beats sharing an office with two other people); a supervisor that knows how to delegate and not micromanage; professional respect and autonomy; and work that is actually meaningful for me (I consider my job to be a "good karma job" since I am responsible for making sure that songwriters are getting paid royalties).

Good luck, job seekers...and don't give up. Keep a positive vibe going in your search. Don't settle for less than what you want. The biggest mistake I made was accepting the first job offer I received upon moving to Portland. I would have saved myself a lot of grief (four years of it) if I had said, "No thanks" and kept on looking. Lesson learned. Sometimes, life tastes much sweeter after you've been living on sour for a long time. I intend to enjoy this gig for as long as I can until an even more perfect job manifests itself (which would include traveling, the salary I've been seeking for a long time now, and a better commute). Clarity about my ideal job situation is an evolving process, as anyone familiar with Abraham / Hicks / Law of Attraction knows. According to them (Abraham / Hicks), life is about contrast and we only gain clarity when we experience what we don't want. It causes us to define what we do want. Eventually, the ideal will appear in your life. I'm getting closer and closer to my dream career. It'll be easier to get there when I no longer have to fight against the negative energy of co-workers and supervisors for 40 hours a week. All I have to do is listen to an hour or two of Bhangra music and I'm "in the zone" of euphoric bliss. Sustaining this over a longer duration will put me in the path of my dream life. That's how you win "the job lottery."

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T said...

Sansego, you were due, pure and simple. You have the skills, you had made the internal change. This is very cool, beating out all these others. It means, I think, that you're in the right place, at the right time.