Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Best $35 I Ever Spent!!!

This weekend, I was supposed to be at the YAPS spring retreat, which was originally planned for the Lewis River campground the church owns, north of Vancouver, Washington. Due to the lack of registrations, the retreat was moved to the home of the mother of the church member who is best known for his anti-government, pro-drug use rants on Facebook, near Mount Saint Helens, Washington. We had a retreat on her property in the summer of 2007 and it was great. I really wanted to go again, but I was unable to find a ride.

Plus, payday was on Friday and I still don't have direct deposit due to continual problems with my bank back in Georgia and my lack of taking care of this situation. So, I cash my check each payday at a check cashing place on the other side of Portland. Sure, there are plenty of check cashing places in my neighbourhood, but the reason why I go to the one I do, despite its inconvenient location for me is because I really like the Asian lady who works there. No, not like in that way. She's probably old enough to be my mother, or just a little bit younger. However, I like her vibe and even though she gets a small amount from my check (enough to buy two new books or two new DVDs), I feel like I'm giving her business, which is a good thing. One of these days, I'll open up a new checking account, since I've been dissatisfied with my credit union in Atlanta (I've been a member since 1988).

Another strike against attending the retreat was that my housemate asked if I would take care of his dog for a few days while he drives some of his stuff back to Utah and returns with a truck to get the rest of his stuff. He's moving out this weekend (on Sunday, I think). I'm kind of sad to see him go. He's a cool guy, and yes, he's a Mormon (who is getting a divorce, though he might not be if he's moving back to Utah after all). His dog has been great fun to have in the house, if a bit of a handful. Not sure I'd want a labrador retriever now. I'm still partial to golden retrievers, though. Someday. So this gives me one final weekend to enjoy having a dog in the living space and make sure he gets outside to do his business and then gets fed.

Then, I received an email from New Renaissance Bookstore about a workshop on Saturday afternoon where a psychic is giving a group session for a bargain price of $35. Psychic consultations are not cheap, so if I could consult with one for a price like that, I'm going! To my surprise, I was the only guy. There were nine ladies, the psychic and me. I was put on the spot a few times for "being brave to be around so much estrogen" (according to the psychic). During the three hour session, there were plenty of comments thrown my way. Yeah, its intimidating a bit but I've come to expect that. After the session, I had asked the psychic if many guys attended her group sessions. She said no. I mentioned that none of my male friends are into this like I am and one lady commented, "they're afraid!" Well, I think it has more to do with the power of logic and reason, which has its place. Its the natural trait of our gender. Why am I different? Because I've been spiritual for most of my life and I'm open minded to possibility and any information, regardless of the source. I guess its just my brain...interested in everything. I consume ideas the way a car consumes gasoline. I just can't get enough insight and ideas.

The session began with the psychic telling her background, which started in childhood when she saw blurry lights move around the house she lived in. She thought it was weird, like ghosts or something. Then as a teenager, she was shocked when a guy who had a crush on her showed up in her room one night after he had died. They had a conversation and she didn't think much of it, whereas most people would freak out. She accepted that she had a gift and wanted to use it in a good way.

Next, she had everyone introduce ourselves. I went last, not intending to. I didn't get to say much, though, because I was interrupted...but I was okay with that. Basically, I shared that I am big on Jerry and Esther Hicks / Abraham / Law of Attraction and the reason why I came to this session was because it was cheaper than a private session. I didn't get a chance to tell what I hoped to get out of it, though, as the psychic interrupted to comment on something I had said and then segued into the next part of the session. Even though I felt disappointed that I didn't get to mention my current questions that I'd like answered, I was stunned when she spoke about liking my issue of wanting to bring more integrity to the world. WHAT?!? To me, this confirmed that she picked up on something, because part of what I wanted to know was how to get my foundation devoted to promoting a new culture in our country started. She had my attention when she said that.

So, she randomly spoke to each person (we sat in a half circle around her) about their energy she picked up on. As I saw the reactions of each lady when it appeared that this psychic touched on their core concerns, I realized that group sessions might be even better than private sessions. Not only is it cheaper, but you get to see what other people's issues are and the impressions she gives. It ran the gamut. One lady had so much chaos going on in her interior spaces that she needed to clear out if she wanted to change her life. I was actually surprised, because the impression I had when I first saw this woman was that she reminded me too much of the ladies at That Awful Place That Shall Not Be Named. She would fit in quite well with the dysfunction of that office.

The youngest lady there, who was lean and beautiful, had confidence issues, which seemed to shock the psychic. She didn't understand why the lady suffered from a lack of self confidence. I was stunned because if I saw this lady on the street, I would be too intimidated by her beauty to approach her and start a conversation. She had mentioned wanting to be a singer in a band and I saw a chance to give her my business card and see about connecting her with some people at my work, since this young lady loved music. However, after the session, she disappeared before I could get a chance to talk with her. I did notice her looking at me a few times and smiling. But I also understand that this session was probably more than we all expected, as people's issues were exposed to a group of strangers. The fact that I was "exposed" to her issues could have made it uncomfortable for her if I was able to talk with her. What a shame, though. I wanted to network. I love networking...where I help connect people to people who share their interests. I wish more people were that open with me. Oh well...her loss ("bwok bwok").

Some interesting information that I learned was that one lady is questioning her marriage with her husband of two decades. The spark went out of the marriage, even though they were good friends. She mentioned that one of her frustrations was that she could not share with him her interest in spirituality, especially of the New Age variety, so she keeps it to herself. Wow. Why are men so uninterested in spirituality and why am I the oddball who loves it? Another lady worked in a good job for a corporation but she was recently let go. She had wanted to quit two years ago and believes that she was let go because they were tired of waiting for her to quit. I was impressed because that's what happened to me! When I refused the new job responsibilities in June, I had told the truth that I was planning to leave at the first job offer I received. By September when I made the joke, they saw their opportunity to get rid of me since they were probably growing tired of waiting for me to quit.

There was an Asian lady who was really lean and kind of resembled actress Michelle Yeoh. She was a character! She admitted to having "manly traits" (though she was quite feminine) regarding being career focused and independent. She was at the stage in life where she wanted to take on a more womanly role, instead of being the decision maker in her relationships. The psychic advised her to clean up her clutter in the house, which is part of the process that will open new opportunities in her life. This was good advice for me, too. Another reason why group sessions are good...I can take the psychic's advice to others for my own, as it relates to my life.

One lady has a history of pushing people out of her life and she wants to break that. Another is debating whether or not to move to San Diego, as the man she's dating lives there and so does her father and some of her family, but her two teenage children don't want to leave Portland, so she's in a dilemma. The psychic actually said that she saw that the man in San Diego is one she was meant to be with and things will work out if she pursues that option.

The psychic had told me a few times as she made her way around the room that she was saving me for last because I was "special." Yikes! I was really worried about what she might be picking up or what she was going to say. Remember, I did not get a chance to share with the group what I had hoped to get out of today's session, so this psychic lady could say anything!

I was stunned when she spoke to me: "Are you ready for a relationship?"

"Absolutely!" I said. I really am. I've wanted this for a long time. A really long time.

"Good, because your life is moving into relationship energy. You are going to meet the woman you have a contract to be with by September and this will open all kinds of doors for you, including a career, a house, everything."

Really? I was stunned. I asked her if I might have met her already, because there was a lady I was interested in dating. She asked the name of the lady I was interested in. She then said, "No, she's not the one." That would be the Russian lady I'm planning to ask to the Johnny Clegg concert. The psychic said that I could still pursue this lady, but she wasn't the one. I would be meeting the one in September and that there would be no doubts in either of us that we were meant for each other, because it is supposedly written in our soul contracts to meet in September of this year. When I asked for clarification, like, "what if we miss each other?" she assured me that it won't happen. We will find each other. God, I hope so. I believe it because I felt upon meeting Nathan and (BYU) Matt that I had known them long before we met and that our friendship was natural and destined to happen. I also believe that my best friend Nicholas and I were destined to meet and become best friends in this lifetime as well.

As for the job, she said that she saw me as a teacher. Ug! A lot of people have told me that over the years, and she was adamant about it. She said that my current job was not my career, but I knew that already. The low wage and the location told me that, even though everything else was a perfect match between the job and me. The psychic asked what my "deal" was, so I told her (and the group) this:

"All my life, I've been interested in how propaganda works and since elementary school, I have been haunted by this question: didn't the German people know that Hitler and the Nazis were bad for their country? I see the same thing going on in America today, where people believe lies they are told and unable to know that they are being lied to. I want to form a foundation devoted to educating people about how to value honesty and recognize it so that they can't be deceived. But I want my foundation to be self-sustaining."

The psychic said "whoa!" to that. "Let's take it down a notch." So, no self-sustaining, I guess. I was aiming way too high. She did feel that this was in line with my life's work and a good one to pursue. I just have to start the process going if I'm serious about it. But she did insist that she saw me speaking and teaching people. This is where my career satisfaction lies.

During the final portion where we could ask her questions, I decided to ask her about my novel. She said that she didn't see my novel being published in the next few years. She said that it shouldn't prevent me from submitting it to agents or seeing about putting it up as an e-book. She saw a writing career eventually, as connected to my speaking or teaching career, but she kept insisting that I was moving into a relationship energy and I needed to be ready for that. At one point, she even dropped the "m" word. She said this woman that I'm supposed to meet in September will be the one I marry. She claimed this relationship was going to change my life in a big way. Weird. A part of me is skeptical, but I did not even go to this session expecting to talk about relationship prospects. I'm still trying to get my career going.

Her glowing forecast about my future love life seemed to make the ladies envious that I got such an energetic validation or confirmation, because nearly every single woman asked the psychic what she saw with their relationships!! There were a few tears shed, when the psychic got to their core issues, which seemed to have a common thread through several ladies: they've been invalidated by someone they loved about their worth and it has been carried with them all these years. One of the final questions was by a lady asking the psychic if she saw me publishing other books first before the Navy one. She said that she couldn't pick up on that in the near term, but at a future date. I was stunned that a lady would ask a question about me. I wanted to talk with her afterwards about it, but as I talked to the psychic lady after the session ended, this lady disappeared as well. What is up with the disappearing ladies?

Anyhow, it was an awesome session and I'm so glad that I went! This was quite simply THE BEST $35 I EVER SPENT! Now, its wait and see. But, I'm not going to obsess over it. I'm just going to trust the process. After all, the psychic I saw in August 2007 had told me that I was going to meet or had already met a lady in the spiritual group I was part of and I needed to focus on her rather than the job search. I didn't listen and lost a great lady. However, if I'm spiritually contracted to meet my soulmate this September, then it means that I was right in thinking that Christine was meant to be with the Dutch guy, that they had made a pre-mortal life agreement (in the spiritual realm) to meet and marry.

So, if I'm going to meet my future wife in September, that means I really need to get ready for her by clearing my clutter and exercising so I can be in the best physical shape (when I made a physical training commitment in 1999, I noticed that my luck with ladies improved). I should also clear out any remaining personal issues I might not have dealt with that still linger in the subconscious.

Here's to a great September! Wouldn't be especially awesome if I met her on the 11th of September? That way, I can replace the sorrow of that day with something great.


T said...

You're NOT the oddball, Sansego. I knew a few men, Rob among them, who are into it. This weekend, we watched a virtual workshop with the Hicks that took place in Phoenix. I was pleased to see a lot of men in that audience!

T said...

PS-that was Trish

Sansego said...

I appreciate your response. Was hoping to hear more of what you thought about the info the psychic revealed to me, though.

It is true that men interested in this kind of spirituality is very rare. Most men are too enamored of logic and reason, so anything that is not based on it is what some dismissively refer to as "woo-woo." I'm used to being a minority at these events.