Tuesday, March 08, 2011

No Coincidence In This Planned Meeting

This past Saturday, I was able to meet the man who had a very profound influence on my spiritual evolution when I was a young man. That's right: James Redfield, the creator of The Celestine Prophecy series and spiritual philosophy.

Last Wednesday, I had read an email that the New Renaissance Bookstore sends out and was stunned to see that James Redfield was going to be giving a lecture there on Saturday. There were only 10 seats left (they charge $12 for most lectures). I was stunned. I had wondered if he was going on a book tour to promote his latest. I figured that if he did, Powell's City of Books would be the logical choice, as he is likely to get a large crowd. However, its not surprising, really, that he would prefer to support the spiritual bookstore in town (it is my second favourite bookstore). So, I called the store on Thursday morning and got the unfortunate news that it was already sold out. But they put me on a waiting list.

I didn't get the message in time that I was off the waiting list and able to buy a ticket. I figured that even if I couldn't get in, that he would be signing books and I can still meet him. I made it to the store right on the dot. They weren't letting unticketed people in, though. Later, while in the booksigning line, I learned that there were seven empty seats available. New Renaissance Bookstore completely botched that event! There were five of us outside, hoping to get in. That's an easy $60 they could've made. Terrible business decision to not let us in!

Anyhow, while waiting on the patio in hopes of being allowed in, I met a middle aged lady who was nice and friendly. In the short time that we talked, it dawned on me that she's Obsessive-Compulsive. We would talk about how we came across The Celestine Prophecy and some of our most interesting coincidences, but each time, she would bring it back to not being able to get in, but oh well, because she got to meet him when he came in before anyone else did, and that had to count for something, right? Then she began obsessing about if the store had called her about taking her off the mailing list and having a ticket for her. Then we would talk about movies, then she brought it back to her OCD obsessions about not being able to get in, but oh well because she got to meet him when he first came in and that had to count for something, right? Can you imagine talking to someone who goes in that constant loop within the space of 30 minutes?!? Yikes!!! OCD people are annoying!

I was disappointed to miss his lecture, but I wasn't going to lament about it. After thirty minutes, I decided that there was no way they were going to let us in at that point, so I went into the bookstore to browse for the remaining hour. It wasn't long until I heard a commotion, so I walked to the main area and was stunned to see a lot of people in the store. I walked around some of the book cases to see that James was already sitting at the tiny table (more like a TV tray) and waiting for people to approach with copies of his book. There was a line. It was only 8 p.m. I thought the lecture was supposed to be for 90 minutes, not an hour.

So, I waited in line. Initiated a conversation with a lady behind me. I asked her what he talked about and she simply mentioned that he mostly spoke about his latest book. She didn't offer too many details. The conversation evolved into other things and other things and it was really interesting. Not once did either of us repeat ourselves (like that OCD woman). I enjoyed our conversation. It only ended because I was next to meet the man, the author, the spiritual visionary.

I told him that I was honoured to meet him finally because I credit him with saving me from a life of scientific-atheism. I told him that as a young man, I had a series of coincidences between 1991 and 1994, and when I read his first book in 1994, I was so inspired that it started me on my spiritual journey. He seemed impressed with that. I asked him about the part in his latest book where he wrote that we should strive to be honest in all our conversations with people. I told him that I am honest in my conversations with people, but in my frustration with my previous place of employment, I saw that dishonest people got ahead while honest people were stuck. I asked him about that. He said that if you take a closer look, though, people who get ahead through dishonest means are generally not happy. I could definitely see that in many of the people I saw who had good positions at work. The promotion did not make them more happy in the long run, nor did the extra money. People were generally unhappy.

I'd love to be honest with people, but I learned my lesson. At my current job, I pretty much keep to myself. I've noticed that people aren't exactly friendly. Its a contrast from the last place. But, that's okay, though. I'm just going to have to work on manifesting a more ideal place of employment. My heart keeps coming back to travel. I want to travel. I'm getting jealous when I hear about various people at work going off somewhere: France, Italy, Toronto, Baltimore, Puerto Vallerta, Kathmandu (!!!). I was a born traveler and its unjust that I make poverty wages that keeps me from traveling somewhere. So, one of my goals this year is to really write out my ideal job and see if I can manifest that into my reality before year's end. Not that I'm growing bored in my job. I love it. I'm finally past the point where I am learning. I'll always learn some new aspect that the supervisor introduces to me, but the main aspect of the job is pretty easy to me now.

In meeting Redfield, I did not tell him that I wished that his novel could have been better written. I decided that such "honesty" was too negative and unnecessary. I knew going in that I wasn't reading a literary novel. It was the message that was more important to me than the story. I returned home from that meeting feeling euphorically blissful. I have been wanting to meet James Redfield for years. Its amazing how many people I've been wanting to meet have actually happened. Okay, universe, I want to meet: Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, President Obama, Senator Scott Brown, Governor Martin O'Malley, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Audrey Tautou. Make it happen!

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3322mathaddict said...

Hi Sansego, I know you were thrilled to meet and speak with Redfield! What a joy that must have been for you. But oh dear, you are disturbed my OCD people....I'm a stodgy ole Capricorn who admits to having OCD. But, fortunately, my obsessive compulsion only rears its head as my being compulsively a neat-freak, which means it doesn't intrude into the lives of other folks! And I'm only obsessive
about neatness in my own space. Here, everything has a place and everything must be in its place. Example: I can't come downstairs in the mornings until I make the bed. And, I can't settle into my work unless my computer station is in order. One of the difficulties I had eons ago when I worked briefly as a correspondent for the Los Angeles Herald Tribune is that newspaper offices are notoriously messy. (That was during my college years.) But I soon discovered I am very allergic to printer's ink, so the position didn't last long, and I suspect that was a good thing as I would have been a screaming idiot in a short time otherwise! Oddly enough,messiness in the homes, etc, of others never bothers me. Just my own. Be that as it may, I completely sympathsize with your having to listen to that poor woman who chattered ceasely over and over about the same thing! What a trial! Just a heads up, the hacker on the T & R blog has written messages in Greek on a different blog that we women have. He may have been one of the ones being cutesy here and writing in his native Greek language. Hope all is well with you. I enjoy your posts and will visit more often. Best, cj