Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Video Monday: Cher

In honour of my 20th anniversary of going off to Navy Basic Training in Orlando, Florida, I had to choose the famous Cher music video "If I Could Turn Back Time." This song and video came out in 1989. Joining the Navy was in the back of my mind, but not a certainty that I would join. What I find most interesting about this video is that Cher is performing on a Battleship (which the Navy only had 4 of them at the time and they were being retired and I was able to see the final one at the pier on the Norfolk Naval base in 1991 before it transitioned to museum status somewhere). As you'll notice in the video, the sailors are cheering her and I have no doubt that some of them might be thinking dirty thoughts about her. This inevitably happens when any woman appears on an all-male ship, especially one who is known to strut her bare (and tattoo'd) ass around.

However, the reality is that if any sailor admitted to listening to Cher, his sexuality would automatically be suspect. Cher, like Madonna, Bette Midler, the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, and The Village People, is simply one of those singers that most men think that only a gay man would be interested in. I suspect a lot of this has to do with the knowledge that Cher does have a lot of gay fans (like the other groups and artists I've mentioned). No worries, though. I've never really gotten into Cher. She's far too campy for my liking. Though I like some of her songs, I find her voice is a bit too deep or slow or something.

In yesterday's post, I wrote about the choice I made to get out of the Navy rather than make it a career, and how if I had made it a career, I would have been eligible to retire yesterday! Naturally, it got me thinking, "If I Could Turn Back Time"...would I have made a different choice? When I think about it, though, despite the difficult path I've taken in life (the inability to find a living wage and fulfilling career being my biggest disappointment in life, followed by my failure to find an intelligent lady who captures my heart and wants to marry me), I would make like Peggy Sue and make the same choice to get out of the Navy. The only three choices I wish I could change are: (1) staying in Washington, D.C. in 2000 instead of moving back to Atlanta; (2) moving to Washington, D.C. instead of Portland in 2006; or (3) not accepting the job offer at That Awful Place during my second week in Portland. But there is no question...leaving the Navy after one enlistment was a good decision.

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