Monday, February 14, 2011

Music Video Valentine's Day: Giant Steps

A few months ago, I was watching a medley of hit songs from the 1980s on YouTube and was reminded of some songs I had completely forgotten about. One of those long-forgotten songs is "Another Lover" by Giant Steps. Who?!? Exactly! This one-hit wonder reflects the quintessential 80s sound (which the parody "Pop! Goes My Heart" from the film Music & Lyrics captures perfectly). The sound puts this song circa 1988-1989.

I like the lyrics: "The world don't need another lover..." Yeah, ain't that the truth! On this Valentine's Day, I can't help but be a tad bit cynical. On the Huffington Post was an article that Valentine's Day is not only known as the holiday for lovers, but also the day that spawns some of the most vicious break-ups in couples. As I read the article, I was stunned. Is it really love if a couple engages in wanting to inflict damage in each other when the relationship nears an end? It is seeing this behaviour that scares me from relationships. I don't believe in being nasty towards one another, especially in regards to the people you love the most. True love, to me, means treating your loved ones right. It seems that egotism is what causes the nastiness to come out, and one has to ask, was it even love to begin with? I think a lot of people (particularly those who have posted ads on the various dating sites I've looked at) have a very selfish / narcissistic view of love. I'm not interested in that. One thing I liked in the article was the line: "divorce is the least logical moment in a couple's life." Its sad when two people who once loved each other enough to get married resort to childish brats in a game of one-upmanship to see who can hurt the other more. I admire couples who approach divorce with diplomacy and love, especially if they realize that divorce lawyers are predatory sharks out for your money and to withdraw blood.

In another article on the Huffington Post, one lady wrote about why a lady might still be single in her 30s. It was an insightful read and I can agree with some of her points. Particularly the dishonesty involved. She had criticized women who claim to want a good man to marry, yet limit their criteria to height, looks, social status, career, and other "superficial" standards. Sometimes, finding someone of character means giving a person a chance, even if they don't fit one's superficial expectations. There's nothing wrong with meeting someone and having a conversation with them. Its hard to judge compatability from an online profile.

On Facebook, one couple I met last year had posted about how their love blossomed from a friendship into a romantic love. I was impressed and loved reading it. Out of all options, I think that is still the best way to go. Of course, it hasn't worked for me yet, but I still retain hope.

This weekend, I met an intriguing young lady. She's cute and adorable, just moved to Portland, is liberal, majoring in English, has the self-conscious awareness to realize that she won't be a writer that she once dreamed she might be, and she was raised in the church, though she wants nothing to do with it now because she thinks all religions are more bad than good. We had a good conversation and she is quite mature for her age. The problem? She was born in 1990!!! Yikes. The age gap between us means that she'll just be a friend to me. I'm still hopeful that I will meet some lady born in the 1970s to fulfil the main goal of my year.

I wanted to write a post on Friday about the successful ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. I was so ecstatic all weekend about this great event. I kept reading article after article and ran out of time to post my thoughts on it. A post on Egypt will appear this week. Friday was a great day for that and another reason. I was checking out a possibility that had presented itself to me in recent weeks. I'm hoping that something really good may come of it. I owe Jennifer and Phil for encouraging me to go through with it, because its a win-win situation, even if nothing does come of it. I should know by the end of the month.

Anyhow, have a Happy Valentine's Day! Remember...most of the roses sold in the USA around this time are imported from Colombia. Think of the energy costs involved just to get your sweetie the cliched flower that our corporate media says that you should buy as a symbol of your love. Don't be mindless consumers! I'm sure that a locally grown / produced item of a more personal nature would work much better than a rose from Colombia. Then again, rose farms in Colombia probably means less land to devote to cocaine!!! Maybe it all works out.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

As always, a cool post! And I love your optimism!