Monday, January 03, 2011

Music Video Monday: Seasons of Love

For the first Music Video Monday selection of the new year, I selected the song "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent that I'm making my "official theme song of 2011." I love the melody, message, and title. I first heard this song a few years ago, when radio stations in Portland played it on a kind of heavy rotation in the week between Christmas and New Year's. Its memorable with the 525,600 minutes line. How do you measure a year?

I could listen to this song over and over. I love it! It makes for a great theme song that fits in with the overall theme for myself this year ("Facing Forty Through Love and Literature"). The title is especially cool, because my Navy novel that I'm hoping to find a literary agent for is titled Seasons of Silent War. I love that title. I love the concept of seasons, and like what this song advocates, I'm now entering a "season of love", as this is my next major goal (following the pattern I had set for myself after high school graduation: honourable discharge from the Navy, college degree, career, marriage, and children).

A few years ago, when I visited a college friend and her family, she noticed that I was able to remember which years I had gone on which vacations. She thought that was amazing (she wasn't the first person to make that observation, nor the last person). She asked me how I was able to do that. I told her, "Well, its because I remember years by the places I've travelled, the books I've read, the movies I've seen, the experiences I've had, the songs I've loved." That's how I measure a year.

This year, I only want three things for myself (as I mentioned on the first post of the year): a loving relationship with a woman I want to marry by the end of 2012, a literary agent, and a completed second (and possibly third) novel. I will consider that to be a successful year for myself, just as my only criteria for 2010 was to be in a new place of employment before the year ended.

How do you measure a year?

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