Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Video Monday: Heather B

With the shocking news that sales of Glocks skyrocketed in the week after a delusional young man used one to open fire on a Congresswoman meeting her constituents in Tucson, one song came to mind: "All Glocks Down" by Heather B. This is the only song that I remember Heather B. by. Who is Heather B? She was one of the original cast members on MTV's groundbreaking reality series, The Real World, which filmed in a Manhattan loft in 1992 and spawned a never ending annual series. I wonder how many alumni there are now (I stopped watching after 2000's New Orleans cast). The song is pretty hip. Love the beat to it. Hope people will pay attention to the advice: put down your Glocks. There's a better way to live. Its an insult to the victims of that tragedy to buy the very brand that killed them. Is there any logical reason to own a semi-automatic weapon? It would be cruel to hunt deer with it. This gun only serves one purpose: massive kills in a short amount of time (how many people can a crazy lunatic mow down with bullets before someone knocks him to the ground when his clip runs out of bullets?).

The other video for this week is dedicated to Sarah Palin. Its Starship's hit from 1985, "Sara." Someone made a nice tribute to the lady from Alaska. I think the lines, "No time is a good time for goodbye" and "Storms are brewing in your eyes" are quite relevant for her at this critical juncture. As some people have mentioned on Facebook or various news sites, her failure of a videotaped speech and using the term "blood libel" is a "career ender" for her. I don't see how she can recover from this huge miscalculation. I've read several comments on various sites that Palin didn't even write the address she gave on camera. Interesting enough, in the video, you can see the reflection on her glasses that she used a teleprompter (after mocking Obama for using one as every modern president has used one). The speculation that intrigues me is that whoever wrote the speech might have known the connotation behind "blood libel" and put it in the speech knowing that Palin likely did not know the history of the term, thus it was meant to destroy her chances of winning any primary election or the political office she is suspected of coveting. I believe that GOP Party officials are deathly afraid of her destroying their party, but because they have allowed the Teabaggers to fester like an unchecked cancer, it is far more difficult to deal with Palin without paying a huge price at the polls. The best way to put her out of the running is for her to make a huge mistake that destroys any hope of a credible campaign.

If she does not run, its looking more and more likely that Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is planning to and she is every bit as worse for America as Palin. The good news is that Bachmann is unlikely to win and depending on deadlines to submit papers to run for Congress, let's hope that Bachmann running for president will put her out of the Congressional seat in 2012.


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