Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Manifesting Story

On Wednesday night, I finally got to meet the new housemate and have a conversation with him. I'm amazed how well this turned out...the search for a new housemate. Last November, the homeowner seemed to like the young couple that was going to be moving in (the lady who claimed to have no life other than with her chihuahua). I had mixed feelings about that and wished that they wouldn't move in (having a romantic couple living in the house seemed like it would be awkward and I had a sense that the lady might have drama queen tendencies). I was relieved when the homeowner decided to not let them move in after a background check revealed that the lady's boyfriend had a few arrests on his record involving armed robbery with a gun. Whew! I felt like we dodged a bullet there, figuratively and literally.

In the search for a roommate, I saw an ad on craigslist (those who are looking to rent a room) where the guy seeking a room seemed cool and had a chocolate labrador retriever that would be moving with him. I had forwarded this ad to the homeowner, not knowing that the guy who wrote the ad actually responded to the homeowner's ad on craigslist that a room was available for rent. It gets stranger! The new housemate is either separated from his wife or going through a divorce, and he owns a house in Beaverton (on the west side of Portland) that he is renting out to some other people. He needed a room to rent. The homeowner had gotten a divorce in the past year and decided to rent out the rooms in his townhome while he lives with his girlfriend in Beaverton. Isn't that strange? Two people who own their own homes but electing to rent them out to other people to pay their mortgages, while renting a room in someone else's place.

When I made the decision last July to not renew my lease on the downtown studio apartment and take a chance on the roommate thing for the first time in a decade, part of this decision was the idea that I might meet some interesting people with the potential for friendships to emerge out of the arrangement. Thus, compatability was important. To my dismay, the first housemate I dealt with was an anti-social food thief and alcoholic. Though he could be nice, he was very strange and hard to get a handle on. I never felt comfortable with him in the house and really hoped that he would decide to move out. In November, his decision to smoke marijuana with his pothead alternative / "goth" type of friends meant an eviction notice by the homeowner. I was ecstatic about the news. Good riddance!

For almost a month, I basically had a whole townhouse to myself and I loved it! It has been a dream of mine to live in a townhouse since 2000. For some reason, I like them and prefer them over a stand-alone home (especially if the architectural style is appealing). There were many townhomes in the Washington, D.C. area, where I first fell in love with them. The other thing I had hoped for was to live with a housemate who owned a dog: preferrably a golden retriever or a labrador retriever (my favourite breeds of dog). After I had accepted the offer to move in, I had found another ad with a guy looking for someone to rent a spare bedroom in his house and he had a golden retriever.

So now, it looks like I manifested the kind of roommate I wanted. The confirmation is that this new housemate is a Mormon from Idaho (near the Utah border), so we have the heritage bond. Though I generally get along with Mormons, I've also had some intense conflicts with Mormons (particularly at my last job with the two Mormon ladies who made my workspace a living hell). The determining factor in compatability seems to fall towards politics. Its not a shocker to anyone that the five closest friendships I've made during BYU's Washington Seminar a decade ago were all Mormons who are Democrats / liberal. So, that was another bit of info that I learned from this new housemate. He is a liberal, which means he is a free thinking Mormon (the vast majority of Mormons are Republican. I'd put that number above 85% of the membership being Republican, 10% independent, 5% Democratic). I think we'll get along just fine.

The new housemate's chocolate labrador retriever is five years old, weighs at least 100 pounds (perhaps 120?), is friendly, and is named Winston. As in Churchill. I think an English Bulldog would be worthy of such a name, but Winston it is. Now, I get the benefit of sharing a living space with my favourite breed of dog with none of the responsibilities! Perfect for me.

As I think about the whole "Law of Attraction" thing, I really am surprised how things have turned out. I've gotten exactly what I wanted for a home life. Hopefully a good friendship will grow out of this living arrangement, for when we inevitably move into new situations when the time comes. This housemate definitely seems more conversational and social than the other housemate, who mostly keeps to himself in his bedroom. No one seems to use the downstairs living area like I do. Maybe it will get some use now.

So, if I can manifest an ideal job and an ideal living situation, what's next? Well, the next two items on my list are a lady love and a literary agent and publisher for my novel. I really want to be in a relationship before this year ends. I'm damn ready for one and all of its challenges. At the last World Affairs Council discussion group I went to a week ago, there is a pretty Russian lady who has been coming fairly regularly lately. I got a chance to talk with her a bit more last time and she vaguely reminds me of Christine. I have to keep reminding myself that she is not Christine, though, and deserves to be known for who she is without my projections. What I'm looking for most of all is kindness, the quality I have learned from Christine that I find most attractive in a lady. Intelligence is the next quality on my list and I know that this Russian lady has that well covered. Hopefully, she'll keep coming to these biweekly discussion groups so that I can ask her out to see a movie at the Portland International Film Festival (she hadn't seen the excellent Russian film Hipsters, which I considered the best film I saw in 2010).

Here's to more experiences with manifesting the things I truly want in my life to appear this year. Its likely to be much easier to accomplish simply because I'm not in a negative work environment and hating my job. I'm still filled with joy that I get to work in a cool place, listening to all kinds of diverse music (I have been listening to a lot of country music CDs this week due to the way the product flows, as country music CDs are a major seller for the company). To keep up with the goal of my manifesting experiences, I'm reading a few books about the topic as well. Life is good.

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Life is good. I'm so happy that things are working out for you.