Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Video Monday: Boney M

For this week's music video selection, I'm going with one of my favourite Christmas songs: "Mary's Boy Child" by a group called Boney M. The song falls under the category of Calypso, which is popular in the islands of the Caribbean Sea. I had never heard of the song until I moved to the Pacific Northwest, as the radio station here plays it a lot.

This past weekend, I went to my favourite CD / DVD store downtown. They sell used DVDs and a mix of new and used CDs. I wanted to check out the Christmas CDs and was able to buy six used ones for the price of one new CD. Not bad. A couple CDs I picked up featured world music, such as calypso, reggae, cajun, bossa nova, ska, and regular pop. My favourite Christmas CDs are the ones that feature world music artists I've never heard of, but I love the unique sounds to the songs I've heard so often by a variety of pop stars. Its a refreshing change.

Today begins my first day at a new job, which is usually filled with paperwork, meeting people, and being shown my new job. Sometimes, I wish I could fast forward to when I finally get the swing of things. Here's to a good beginning! One thing I know for certain, I'll be exposed to a lot of new music with this job. The lady who interviewed me will be my supervisor and she said that part of the job requires being familiar with the music that this company distributes to stores across the country. She warned that not all of it is going to be music that I'd love.

My blog this week will feature movie reviews of Eat, Pray, Love and The Joneses, which I watched this weekend.

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